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The Use of Intuitive Guidance to Make Your Life Work Better

Intuitive guidance is the key to a happy and fulfilled life. Intuition is the inbuilt compass that helps you navigate through your life. Trusting and using this guidance is easier when you understand how to tap this sixth feeling. According to Albert Einstein, the only real thing is intuition.

There are many times when you have a gut feeling about making a decision, but instead of following your intuition, you followed the opinions of others, only to find out you were right. With all the mind-numbing noise of sirens, cell phones, and televisions, you could use some quiet time alone and listen to your inner voice and do what you feel is right. If you cannot listen to your inner voice, you will spend the rest of your life on the ends of strings pulled by someone else.

At this point, you understand how important it is to govern your life. This article provides a guide that will help you unlock your intuitions and let them guide you to lead a better life.

  1. Recognize when your intuition communicates

For you to use your intuition, you have to recognize when it communicates to you. Usually, it is not loud and clear; it’s subtle, and you can easily ignore the signs. Some of the forms your intuition may speak to you include visions, dreams, gut feeling, a feeling of discomfort, uneasiness, a profound peace, or goosebumps. When you get feelings of euphoria or peace, it means the universe is guiding you to abundance and personal joy.

  1. Meditation

For you to access and understand your intuitions, you have to meditate. Meditation clears distractions from your mind and enables you to pay attention to your subtle impulses. If you have trouble concentrating, get a meditation guide.

  1. Dedicate time to understand and listen to your inner-self

Magic reading helps you explore your inner-self using the mystical imagery of a Tarot. It is crucial to understand what drives your desires and power your current predicaments. According to Matt Beech, reflection reading is a good starting point for knowing your inner self. Reflection reading will help you have an awareness of self, which is the stepping stone to becoming mindful of how your inner-self guides your experiences in the real world.

As much as you have a lot of items on your to-do list, you shouldn’t forget to stop and tap into your inner-self. As much as intuitions warn you of dangers, the most valuable wisdom comes when you are ready to receive it. Therefore, you should spare some time every day to consciously let your intuition take charge, especially when you are about to make a major decision in your life.

  1. Trust yourself

When people are supposed to make life’s decisions, they often seek answers from the outside. Some ask friends, others ask Google, and others seek professional advice. When faced with any situation, your actions and decisions should come from you. Have some faith in your intuition. Whether you want to take a new job or create winning plans, you will achieve more effectively when you trust your intuitions and your inner wisdom.

  1. Ask questions and write down the answers

Getting insights from your intuitions should not be a passive experience, where you only get warnings and gut feelings. You can get answers to specific questions. Just pose these questions and listen to your inner self. When your intuitions manifest, write down the insights as they can fade very quickly. According to neuroscience studies, you may never recall an intuitive message after 37 seconds. Keeping a journal is an effective way to tap into the full potential of intuitive guidance.

  1. Act immediately

The world rewards those who act promptly, and so does your inner-self. Once you receive your answers, act on them. This will open a channel between your conscious and subconscious mind. It will also open a channel for the flow of more intuitive insights.

  1. Avoid negativity

When you start feeling anxious, negative, or discouraged, your intuitions get blocked. This is because the mind becomes a factory of negativity, and intuitions cannot dwell in negativity. Start talking yourself out of negativity to unlock your intuition whenever you are sad.

Developing a connection with your inner self can be tough, especially if you spend your whole life second-guessing your choices. Intuitive guidance is manifested in various ways, including the little voice and a gut feeling. Intuitive guidance can help you with every aspect of your life, including what to wear, your marriage partner, and your travel plans. Since intuitive guidance comes from the soul, it always works for your good and not destruction.