The Ultimate Guide To Hobbies For Adrenaline Junkies

Forget hitting a significant birthday to then consider taking your foot off the gas and relaxing a little more. Taking it easy is ok if that’s really what you want to do, but don’t allow your age dictate your interests and hobbies. Some people aren’t comfortable slowing down or moving at a more sedate pace. If you are one of those individuals who adores experiencing new things, getting your endorphins raging and having your heart pumping, a gentle rambling group or art class might not be the hobby for you. Instead, take a look at these ideas to inspire your next adventure.


If you have always fancied jumping out of a plane, but you’ve just never got around to it because life has got in the way, why not consider a charity skydive. By representing a charity close to your heart, you are doing a good deed whilst also getting your adrenaline junkie kicks. You will venture to the airfield for a half day of intense tuition and guidance. Don’t worry, you won’t be jumping out of the plane on your own. You will have an experienced instructor strapped to you who will control the opening of the parachute and your descent back to Earth. Head to work with a sponsorship form, go to neighbors and ask your family for money towards a good cause. You might get the bug for it, and this could turn into your new hobby.


Don’t think that fishing is all about sitting by a gentle river, waiting for the fish to bite. That’s way too relaxing. Instead, consider looking at some big game fishing or heading to a more competitive human made fishing reservoir where people try to land the biggest haul of fish in the fastest time. Arm yourself with one of the best fishing day shelters available to protect you from the elements, get hold of a keeping net, and ensure that your rod can handle the heaviest carp and pike. Land a few of these big boys and you could be a shoo-in for the win.

You might also want to head out onto the open seas to experience the thrills of landing giant grouper and marlin from a boat. With nerves of steel, you’ll have to strap yourself in and hold on tight to try and land these sea beasts.


If you are a bit of a petrolhead, then chances are you feel the need for speed. Driving experiences range from a lap around a racing track in a supercar to a rally driving experience with an ex-professional. Consider the sort of handling you can cope with and choose your perfect driving experience. You could be driving a sand buggy over dunes, trying to handle the force of a rally car through mud and fields, or you might be a passenger in a tandem Formula 3 car experiencing all sorts of G forces. Hair raising and heart pumping, these driving experiences could be just what you’re looking for.

If you are an adrenaline junkie and have enjoyed a variety of thrill seek pursuits in the past, the chances are you need your next fix of fun. Use this guide to inspire your next adrenaline junkie activity.