Car Security Tips for The Winter Months

With shorter days and longer hours of darkness, the winter months are the most perilous for car security. Aside from the obvious problems which arise from driving in adverse weather conditions the number of vehicles stolen increases by some 25% during the winter months. The long, dark nights give thieves greater opportunity to steal and in fact one of the most common thefts occur as cars are left unattended outside the home as you de-ice the windscreen, often with the engine running to warm up the interior. This is known as ‘frost jacking’ for obvious reasons.

So what can you do to keep your car safe this winter? Here, we ask Trackershop for their advice.

Fit a Good Immobilizer

Different immobilizers can work in slightly different ways and if you’re planning to fit one yourself a good idea is to get help from someone like Trackershop who can advise you on the best type of immobiliser for your car. An immobiliser is designed to prevent your vehicle from starting up and being driven away. Although a basic immobiliser will do the job, one which is professionally supplied and fitted will give you peace of mind that your vehicle will still be where you parked it and can help to lower your insurance premium.

Consider a Car Alarm

Not all vehicles are fitted with an alarm as standard however a professionally installed alarm can be a useful deterrent to thieves.

Fit a Tracker

It is often said that after your home the most expensive financial outlay you will have concerns your vehicle. Whether your vehicle is used for work or for everyday tasks you wouldn’t want to have it stolen. In some high-risk areas of the UK, vehicle insurers can insist on having a tracker fitted to your car but with the increasing prevalence in thefts of high value motors in particular a tracker can be a good idea anyway. An insurance-approved tracker will undoubtedly help to bring your premium down but more importantly, any form of GPS tracker will ensure that your vehicle, in the unfortunate event of it being taken, has a better chance of being found quickly and returned to you.

Doorbell Cameras

Many homeowners are seeing the advantages in installing a doorbell security camera. These connect to your home wi-fi and are able to alert you to anyone who appears within a certain radius of your property allowing you to actually see who they are and what they are doing. Live video images are sent to your smartphone or other device and you are able to speak to whoever is there. 

Don’t Leave Your Car Unattended!

On the coldest and iciest of winter days it is so tempting to leave your car on the driveway or road outside your property with the engine running to warm up the car and de-ice the windows. This greatly increases the chance of an opportunist thief jumping in the car and driving it away before you’ve even noticed. Instead, give yourself extra time to de-ice the windows yourself and sit inside the car whilst the engine warms up. This basic step can vastly improve your car security during the winter months.