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Heavy Duty Power Tools Every Professional Handyman Should Have

When it comes to being self-sufficient, especially with home maintenance it makes sense to learn more about what to do to fix things in your home. It doesn’t matter if your handyman skills are limited to just hammering nails or tightening screws. You still require heavy-duty power tools to complete any job quickly and efficiently. 

When you possess such tools, you only open gateways to learning new skills that make the work easier. There are so many powerful tools that you might find it hard to decide the ones you need for construction or renovation gigs. In this article, we will list some power tools that every handyman should have at their disposal.

Cordless Blower

DIY handymen often have to deal with a lot of debris and dust when doing construction work. Furthermore, it can be inconvenient, time-consuming, and messy to use hands or a hand shovel to remove the trash. An electric blower reduces the effort and time, providing maximum efficiency to handle the dust and debris. While there is a corded model available, we prefer the cordless blower because it is portable to carry and clear the dirt from the tightest of places.

Portable Power Station

Using power tools requires a power source to keep them running, but it’s impossible to get power when working in an area with no electricity. A portable power station acts as the perfect companion in such situations. These mini generators are easy to carry with you anywhere you like, providing you the standard 120-volt power supply capable of running all power tools you need to work on construction projects.

Dry/Wet Vacuum

While a power blower helps to blow away the debris, a dry/wet vacuum sucks up the dust to clean the place. A vacuum cleaner is a must-have tool for project work inside rooms because you cannot simply use a blower to blow the dust or debris, this will result in making the place messier. With suction capabilities to take care of mud and other wet debris, this type of vacuum cleaner would act as an outstanding resource for your DIY projects.

Electric Die Grinder

If your work involves precision cutting, we recommend having an electric die grinder in your tool kit. This capable handheld tool uses a powerful motor with flexible rotary bits to let you cut through the toughest of metals, thus simplifying your DIY work. Ensure you choose the best die grinder with safety features to complete your design projects with ease. Additionally, choose a die grinder or belt grinder with variable speed modes to work with various metals without damaging them.

Electric Caulk Gun

A caulk gun is perfect for cracks and gaps present in the corners of your home walls. The efficient adhesive can be applied in a bead to join and fill gaps that could cause trouble to your infrastructure. There is a manual caulk gun as well, but it’s tiring to press the trigger and extrude out the adhesive bead for a long time. An electric one simplifies the job by using a motor system to do the hard work for you. That way, you can focus entirely on applying the sealant over the target area instead of manual force.

Motorized Wheelbarrow

Construction and renovation work also requires moving heavy-duty material from one place to another. For that, you need to have a wheelbarrow in your possession. We recommend keeping one with a motor to speed up things. Furthermore, you will save a lot of your energy carrying heavy loads without pushing or pulling the transport manually. An electric wheelbarrow is also perfect for workers who have back problems. The pneumatic wheels on this machine will ensure that the load is taken off the handyman, thus giving him support with the renovation work.

Cordless Power Drill

One of the most common and valuable tools that every DIY enthusiast or professional handyperson should have is a power drill. It’s perfect for almost all occasions, giving full support with the renovation work of all types. Using a cordless one adds more advantages, as you can carry it anywhere with you on your tool belt. Not to mention, you can also get tons of drill bits that usually accompany power drill kits.

All these heavy duty power tools certainly make the workload a lot easier. That’s why we recommend having them with you to get maximum efficiency and productivity while doing handy work. Besides power tools, make sure to wear your safety gear, such as a helmet, goggles, ear muffs, gloves, and more. Safety is essential while using such power tools to finish your work without risking accidents.