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The Magic Of Miami: Things You Must See And Do

On the Southeastern tip of the United States, decorated with beach after beach and home to some of the nation’s finest nightlife, Miami is a city that certainly merits some attention if you’re looking for a city break in the Florida panhandle. It’s a place that has drawn plenty of attention over the years and featured in no shortage of films, TV shows – including the still-iconic Miami Vice – and of course, in music by artists including Will Smith among others.

What does Miami have to offer the gentleman traveler? Well, as well as all of the above, it’s got a tropical climate that makes it perfect if you fancy topping up a natural tan, and some of the most diverse attractions of the whole East Coast of the USA. If you’re in any doubt over that, then just check out the following…

Vizcaya Museum and Gardens

While Miami is known for sun and sand in the daytime and pulsing beats in the evening, it would be underselling the city to reduce it to just those features, especially when there is as diverting an attraction as the stunning waterfront pile built by James Deering just over a century ago. As well as an industrialist and a socialite, Deering was a keen collector of classical art and a lover of architecture. This attraction, built as his mansion, has remained in place to house his collections and many others; its gardens, teeming with greenery and featuring a maze among other diversions, are a world-class draw in themselves.

Wat Buddharangsi Buddhist Temple

It’s more than easy enough to find activities in Miami to get the pulse racing, if that’s what you’re looking for. However, there are some attractions, such as this ornately beautiful temple in the Redlands district, which are equally essential for the tranquility that they offer. A walk through the beautifully-manicured grounds is worth it just for the feeling of peace it brings – and if you visit at the right time, you’ll be more than welcome to enjoy one of the many Thai-American festivals they host year-round.

Biscayne Bay

While most of the recognised attractions in the city are to be found on solid land, a city with the coastal location of Miami will always have plenty to offer those who are at home on a boat. Taking to the waters off Biscayne Bay will present you with the chance to see up close  the majestic bottle-nose dolphins as well as indulging in a spot of deep sea fishing, with sailfish, snapper and swordfish among the prizes that lie in wait for a skilled angler.

Art Deco District

If you take a trip to the “Magic City” then you owe it to yourself to take a walk through the iconic Art Deco district. Lined with canopy-topped restaurants and lush palm trees, the district dates back to the 1930s and truly comes alive at night. As the neon signs of restaurants switch on and the music plays, you can sample classic dishes from Italian, Cuban and a range of other cuisines and watch the world go by in an exceptionally pretty setting.