The Image Of The Classic Man

Think about the image of a classic man, what do you see? Do you see a tweed jacket, a cotton handkerchief, shiny leather shoes and silky hair? This is all well and true, but there’s more depth to the classic man than just the look. It’s the way her behaves, the subtles actions and signals he gives about himself. He’s cool, calm, quiet and confident, there’s much more to his character than what first meets the eyes. His style is timeless, as much of the traditional high end men’s fashion is. He dresses how he wants, not what’s in style at the moment. He’s not one to follow trends, but stick to what he believes in. He’s not afraid to allow modern style items to enter into his wardrobe, but they must hold true to convention. This image is legendary in our minds because we hardly see it. What are the things about the classic man that you could implement?

The classic waistcoat

Yes, the classic man is often seen in the 3-piece suit. For many it’s a little too old fashioned, which is exactly the opposite to the classic brain. The 3-piece suit is in fact very modern in our eyes. It’s not something that you have to wear all the time. You don’t have to wear your jacket while sat down and working. You can simply wear your waistcoat instead, and you’ll still be comfortable, warm and looking professional and or traditional. The classic waistcoat should be in powerful dark colors such as black, blue, grey and a rich burgundy. The material should be 100% wool, not cotton. Cotton is too light and reflects too much light, while wool absorbs light better.

Evening wind down

After a long day at work, he tends to wind down before having dinner. He will be in his lounge enjoying classical music and smoking a fine cigar. Smoky but not a choking smoke,  Dutch Masters Cigars use pure tobacco, and can come in different flavors also. A cigar is far classier than a cigarette, but not as laid back as the smoking pipe which is more for late night after dinner smoking while in a dressing gown. The cigar should be something you can enjoy by the fire, outside in the cool breeze, while drinking tea and of course while you sip a strong whiskey.

The neat parting

Although the side parting has evolved to the puffy pompadour, this is something that is still worn with timeless style. The classic or sometimes referred to as ‘neat’ side parting is short, with a skin fade on the sides and on the back, but keeping the hair in shape and relatively flat to the head. The side parting is made with a cutthroat razor and nothing less. The hair is combed with a tight and thin toothed-comb. From the classic racing drivers, to the businessman this haircut style is still seen as an unforgettable classic.

We all have our own image of the classic man, whether it’s Sherlock Holmes or James Bond. They all have an affinity for the 3-piece suit and will often wear just their shirt and waistcoat indoors.