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Building Model Cars: 5 Tips To Get Started

Are you interested in building model cars? Building model cars can be a fun and rewarding experience. Still, it can also be overwhelming for those starting. If you’re looking to get into it, this article will provide five tips to help you create your model car-building journey. 

1) Decide On A Model Kit Category

Building model cars is a gratifying hobby that can bring you immense joy when you finally complete a project. Thus, model kits are advisable to help you begin. Model kits come in many forms and sizes, from small plastic models to large metal constructions. When selecting your first model kit, it’s essential to pick a category that interests you. Categories may include classic, modern, and movie and TV-themed car models. 

Remote-controlled (RC) model cars are also popular among model car enthusiasts. While most traditional model car kits don’t come with electronics included, the range of RC car kits contain motors and other electronic components that allow users to control their vehicles remotely. Therefore, this type of kit would likely not be suitable for those who are just starting with building model cars. However, once you get comfortable with traditional model car building, you can move on to RC models, which provide an exciting challenge. Knowing the kind of kit you’ll be working on will help you make the right decision for your first project.

2) Obtain The Necessary Tools

When building model cars, you’ll need to obtain the right tools for the job. As a beginner, you’ll likely only need essential tools such as a hobby knife, tweezers, scissors, pliers, and a small sanding block or rubber sanding stick. These tools are necessary to cut parts off the plastic frame, assemble small pieces, and smooth rough edges. 

In addition to these essential tools, it’s also helpful to have an airbrush and a magnifying lens to help paint finished projects. An airbrush can create a smooth and even paint finish on your model car, while a magnifying lens helps you see small details on your model more clearly. Having these extra tools can make the process of building model cars much more effortless. 

If you need help determining which tools are necessary for your specific project, do some research online or ask your local hobby store experts for advice. They can help you decide which tools are best for your particular project. 

3) Start With Something Simple

There are typically five levels of difficulty when building a model car kit. Beginner kits are made for people who are just getting into model building and have no prior experience. These kits are usually pre-painted and composed of wheels and body parts so they can be assembled by snapping pieces together. They can come in designs of smaller sports cars, muscle cars, classic sedans, pickup trucks, and vintage racing cars. If you want to share your love for cars with your children, they can be perfect gifts for them as they’re quick projects young kids can do on their own. 

As you become more experienced with the hobby, you can move on to more complicated and intricate models that require more skill. Kits with more difficulty can allow you to practice the techniques involved in model building, such as painting, sanding, gluing, and assembling parts. 

building model cars

4) Choose Your Workspace

One of the essential parts of any building project is having a designated workspace. A workspace for model car building will help you keep your projects organized, making it easier to find the pieces and tools you need. 

When choosing a workspace, there are a few key elements to consider:

  • You want ample space to fit your model kit and any necessary tools and materials. It should also be free of dust, dirt, and other debris that could get in the way of your project.
  • You’ll want to ensure you have ample lighting, as this will help you see all the small parts of the car and make the building process more manageable.
  • You’ll need a comfortable chair and work table to help you work on the project for extended periods. 

While you can start building model cars even without those things, if you want to get serious about the craft, these are definitely on your list of priorities.

5) Stay Patient With Yourself

As a beginner model car builder, you might face a few frustrations. It’s easy to get overwhelmed and become discouraged if you make mistakes or the finished product doesn’t turn out as expected.

Thus, it’s important to remember that you’re just getting started, and it will take time and practice to perfect your technique. Don’t get discouraged if it takes a few tries to complete a project. With time, patience, and training, your skills will improve, and you’ll soon be able to build your awesome model cars, including these vintage ones.

Building model cars don’t require the use of particular skills. To get started, you’ll need to choose a model kit category, obtain the necessary tools, start with simple models, decide on an appropriate workspace, and remain patient with yourself. With persistence, you’ll be able to build beautiful and detailed model cars you can be proud of.