Road Beers in Aggieland – Shiner Bock

Road Beers is a reoccurring miniseries of quick reviews of beer I enjoy while traveling.  These posts are usually done on the spot and posted via my phone live while actually traveling, this way you can experience the beer the way I have; on the spot and it in their natural habitats.

I figured there was no better way to christen this new style of review than by enjoying a Shiner Bock while traveling through rural Texas in a rented Mustang with my beautiful wife. After visiting Texas A&M for the first time we stopped by the amazing Torchy’s Tacos for some first rate Texas Tacos; I of courses seized the opportunity to have Shiner Bock on tap for the first time in my life; I am proud to report that while the beer was nothing exceptional I was not disappointed at all.


Shiner Bock is a no frills, simple, and clean everyday beer that I plan to incorporate it into my everyday rotation since I enjoyed its casual and not confrontational essence. I was very impressed by its pure simplicity and refreshing accessibility, yet it still contained notes of depth from its craft roots. Shiner Bock has nice caramel notes that balance well with its slight maltiness, uniform carbonation, and  clean lager finish. My only real complaint actually stems from its greatest attribute: simplicity. While the beer is very enjoyable and easy to drink I can see some beer enthusiasts getting bored since it is easy to unlock all of its complexity and secrets from the first pour or so, but to most casual drinkers Shiner Bock rightfully stands among the greats in American brewing. This is the perfect beer to pair with the Americana food I enjoyed during my entire stay in Texas; from street tacos to the best BBQ in the country Shiner Bock held its own quite well and complimented nearly every dish I enjoyed.
Shiner Bock definitely earns it’s strong reputation, I wholeheartedly recommend it, especially if you can find it on tap.