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5 Tips for Getting Your Car Ready for Your Next Road Trip

Road trips are supposed to be fun and relaxing. However, how well you prepare your car can be the difference between making your travel plans a pleasure or full of misery. In this article, we’ll outline tips for getting your car ready for your next road trip.

Check your lights

To check your lights, start your vehicle and have a look around your car, or have a friend take a look as you test them. See if the headlights, brights, blinkers, turn signals, reverse lights, brake lights, and hazard lights are working correctly. Lights and signals will light your path, save you from traffic tickets, and prevent accidents. Spice up your off-road night party experience by having LED lights that glow synced to your music or vehicle signs.

Pack some tools and quality parts

If your road trip includes some off-road adventures, get your car ready for anything that might go wrong. You don’t want to get stranded out there with a car breakdown; it is extremely frustrating when your focus is on having a good time. You already know what your car needs. Pack up tools and parts that can help you fix it up wherever you might be.

Consider basics like wrenches, spark plugs, adaptors, wiper blades, bulbs, spare tires, car fluids, tire inflation machine, jumpstart pack, jack, and a fire extinguisher. Do not forget to pack a car medical kit too.

Check your car fluids

Before you set out on that trip, check the car fluids and have them changed as may be necessary. Fluids affect a variety of functions in your vehicle, including your brakes, power steering, and your transmission. Do not forget the engine oil as well. You might have to refer to the owner’s manual on this or have the professionals handle the fluids check for you.

Check the battery

Ideally, you should have the battery checked annually if it has served you for more than two years. Check the battery for corrosion and rust, and if there is any, disconnect and clean it using a wire brush. Turn on your lights and check if the glow is consistent. If you are not very familiar with a battery check, it would be best if you had a professional mechanic take a look for you.

Check your tires

Keep yourself safe on the road by making sure that your tires are in good condition. The tires will be in constant contact with the road, and such will need to be in excellent condition. Check the thread and ensure that it is more than 1.6mm. A low thread is dangerous, and such tires will require a replacement. The wheels shouldn’t have any cracks or bulges. In addition, check the tires’ air pressure; too much air pressure can cause a blowout, while too low pressure causes gas wastage.


Car care can be troublesome, but it is nothing compared to getting stranded when on an adventure for a preventable car problem. Don’t let car trouble slow you down or dampen your road trip mood; give it what it needs to take you there.