Perfect Scent Premium Blend

Smell Better Than The Other Guy With Premium Blend

Let’s face it, even after the hottest Tinder/Grindr date, your companion is barely going to clearly remember what you really look like and they will forget about most of what you talked about. But they will remember exactly what you smelled like. People in white lab coats with lots of fancy papers know smell is the sense most directly tied to memory, so why do we pay so little attention to it in our dating routine?

Slathering on the same generic cologne leaves you at best unmemorable, at worst smelling like a hated ex. The best way to make a scent work for you is to choose a signature cologne that no only sets you apart, but also jives with your personality. If you’re an indoors guy who shudders at the thought of camping or manual labor, a bold musky scent isn’t for you. Likewise if you’ve just built yourself a log cabin to live in, you should stay away from floral scents.

A new entrant that we are quite fond of is Penguin. Called Premium Blend, this cologne straddles the line between flowery and containing actual wood chips. It’s aroma is crisp and reminiscent of the ocean, with tones of lime and spearmint. We’ll certainly give it this – it’s unique (in a great way). Many men’s cologne’s try to be the Ron Swanson of the perfume counter – manly to the point of caricature and absurdity. Penguin steers clear of the dubious course with Premium Blend and instead offers up a more modern scent that will suit from the office to the bar.

Whatever scent you use, be sure to be discreet with it’s application (walk into a spray), consistent with it’s use (make it your “signature” smell), and unique in your choice. Everyone will notice, and your blind dates will go much better. At least until it’s time to see your filthy room…