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Simple Tips To Help You Look After Your Body Properly Post-Workout

Right now, lots of us are looking to starting or maintaining an exercise regime. The last year has been tough on our bodies and minds. And many of us aren’t exactly where we want to be physically. So we’re looking to exercise to help us achieve body confidence and inner strength. Whether it’s to shed some lockdown weight you’re not happy with or just to keep your body strong, what you do after a workout is just as important as the workout itself. But how do we actually look after our bodies properly post-workout?


Tips To Follow All The Time

While what we do post-workout is important, there are some tips we can follow that’ll help keep injury at arms pace. And some of these are just good tips for life in general that keep our bodies running at their peak. 

  1. Stay Hydrated

Being hydrated is essential for looking after your body when exercising. Replenishing fluid levels means you’ll have better muscle flexibility, less soreness, and builds strength. 

  1. Eat Healthy Snacks

Make sure to eat something healthy about 45 mins after your workout. This helps you replenish those depleted energy levels and gets the recovery ball rolling. Foods that contain carbs and protein are the way to go post-workout. 

  1. Don’t Skip Out On A Cool Down

Always cool down after a workout. It lets your heart rate come back down gradually and will help reduce dizziness. Good cooldowns can also help you feel less stressed and prevents soreness or injury. 


Image by Li Sun via Pexels

The Best Post-Workout Tips

There are post-workout tips to help you achieve your end goal much easier. Whether to build muscle or burn fat, following specific routines after exercise will help you get there. But the best post-workout tips are the ones that help you maximize body recovery and overall results from the workout. Because who wants to end a gym session with an injury?

  1. The Cool Down And Stretch

This is a repetition, but an important one. Don’t skip out on the cooldown! Consider something like Yoga which will stretch out your muscles and promote better mental wellbeing too. 

  1. Drink Lots Of Water

Another point worth repeating. Drink lots of water. If you think you’ve had enough, have another glass just in case. 

  1. Post-Workout Protein Shake

Just like having a healthy post-workout snack, a protein shake will help your muscles recover and provide essential amino acids quickly. Amino acids are important because they help muscles repair and rebuild. 

  1. Don’t Skip Out On Carbs

Some diets make us think carbs are the enemy. But if you want a good routine after you exercise, they’re your best friend. Carbohydrates help restore your glucose levels with sugar that won’t burn off quickly like a chocolate bar. 

  1. Put Potassium And Sodium Back Into Your System

Potassium and sodium are vitally important for your body. Potassium helps muscles contract and relax as most of the ions are in our muscles cells. Sodium helps regulate water levels. And you need the right amount of it to have proper function of nerves and muscles. Hit up bananas for potassium and bacon for sodium. Who said getting the electrolytes you need couldn’t taste amazing?


Don’t Forget Your Mind

Working out might be all about pushing your body to its limit if you’re a fitness fanatic. And for some people, that might work. But it’s not always sustainable long-term. Your mental health is an important component of the overall health of your body. And including a recovery component for your mind and your body means you’ll get more from each workout and feel stronger for it. 

  1. Breathe

Breathing exercises can help regulate your nervous system and reduce stress. This makes them perfect for a post-workout come down. It’ll bring your mind back down into relaxation and ready to take on the day. 

  1. Get Off Your Socials

You might be tempted to share your workout on Instagram. Everyone else does it, after all. But it can take you out of what you’re doing. And comparison can be the death of personal motivation. To make the most of every exercise you do, put your phone down for the duration of your workout and enjoy what you’re doing. 

  1. Remember ‘Why’

Some people are motivated by numbers and gains in workouts. But it can sap the fun out of it. If numbers aren’t your game, choose a personal reason why you’re working out. It could be for strength, stamina, or just overall wellbeing. Whatever you choose, think back to it when times get tough, and you’ll feel much more motivated to carry on. For the right reasons. 

  1. Listen To Your Body

Don’t overlook the signs your body is screaming at you. If you ignore it, you could experience a pretty serious injury. And while the KT tape technique for shin splints will have you sorted in no time, injury isn’t fun. 

  1. Do Exercise That Makes You Happy

Exercise doesn’t have to be a slog. It can actually be incredibly enjoyable. And part of that is doing workouts that bring you a bit of joy. Because weight-lifting isn’t for everyone. So find something that you enjoy that also helps you achieve your personal goals. 


Wrapping Up

It’s easy to see why post-workout routines are just as important as the workout itself. They help your body recover quicker, enable you to avoid injury, and including mind-based practices will make you feel stronger all around. Just remember that exercise should be enjoyable too. If it’s not anymore, take a minute to yourself to bring it back into the fun. Because when you enjoy something, it’s much easier to make it in a routine.