Resqwater-Anti-Hangover-Drink- Super Bowl

Shake That Super Bowl Hangover With RESQWATER

If yesterday was Super Sunday that makes today Mundane Monday, am I right?

[Pause for applause.]

Being in the heart of the madness for Super Bowl XLVIII my festivities kicked off early Thursday night, by late Thursday night I’d opened my first RESQWATER. The first thing you’ll notice is it smells and tastes terrible, but you shouldn’t let this phase you. After all, how many times have you found yourself praying to the porcelain God promising your first born to make the pain stop? If you’re willing to part with a child I think you can stomach pounding the 8 oz. concoction. I should be clear, when I say it smells/tastes bad it’s all-natural ingredients and vitamins that are causing this which are both things that my body isn’t particularly familiar.

Onto the big question: does it work? After night one which consisted of a lot of wine and couple scotch night caps I found myself feeling pretty good the next day after consuming one RESQWATER before bed and one early the next morning. A little headache, but I wasn’t bed ridden and was able to have a fresh drink in hand by early afternoon. I’ll take it. Night two was sake heavy, but with the same RESQWATER intake I found the same positive results. For science I decided to commit my body again to a 12 hour bender on Saturday and into Saturday night and achieved the same results Sunday morning.

All in all, my experience with RESQWATER was positive. Did it work? I can’t say a hundred percent it was why I felt decent after all my drinking, but it didn’t not work. Definitely worth a shot thought because we all know we have far weirder feel good remedies after drinking than water and vitamins.