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When You Should Claim for Personal Injury from a Car Accident

Few things in this world continue to face humanity, but none are as prominent or catastrophic as car accidents. When people walk out of a car crash unharmed, they may think that their troubles are over, but unfortunately, they are just getting started. For the most part, car accidents usually assert the involvement of law enforcement, along with countless steps that involve legal paperwork, not to mention how time-consuming the claim for personal injury can be. A personal injury claim is regarded as one of the most sensitive and particular processes that follow car accidents. When looking to find if you are eligible or not, you need to go through all the proper channels of communication and complete a few formalities first. 

With that said, here is when you should look to claim for personal injury and how to do it.

Statute of Limitations 

In order to fully comprehend the process that follows car accidents, you will need to be made aware of two things; first, car accidents are traumatic experiences; and second, the car accident statute of limitations. In many car accident cases, victims are found to have sustained numerous serious injuries, whether they be psychological or physical. Most physical injuries are obvious, conversely, many psychological injuries remain obscure. For this reason, you are required to act swiftly and decisively, if you hope to become eligible for a claim. The limited time you are given to file for a claim is otherwise known as the statute of limitations.

Start Dealing with the Insurance

Dealing with insurance can be a real hassle and oftentimes, complications do arise. For this reason, heeding to the statute of limitations is in your best interest, as it reduces the hurdles you may encounter. Advisably, it is best you seek immediate medical attention following the collision to get a detailed and accurate report. Otherwise, you will be risking the eligibility of your claim. Ideally, you should visit a doctor even if you do not think you are injured.

Part of obtaining a successful insurance claim relies heavily on when you submit your report. In order to increase your chances, look to give them a report within 24 hours. As for the claim, make sure it is not filed any later than three days after the car accident. 

Naturally, how fast you file your claim depends on how quickly it is completed. This includes, but may not necessarily be limited to, taking pictures of the scene of the accident and speaking with an attorney to help you through the entire process. So if you happen to be in Sacramento and need help with your claim, look to speak with a compassionate lawyer, preferably one with a high success rate, who can understand your case and work to win it. A good lawyer will likely assume responsibility for the entire duration of your case and make sure you are set and ready at any given time. 

Car Accident Damages

Understanding the kind of damage car accidents can inflict is crucial to both completing and filing in your claim on time. You also gain a better understanding of the damages that awards can cover. They include medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, property damages, and, if applicable, wrongful deaths. Any of these may grant eligible people with financial compensation. Seeing as the financial compensation greatly benefits injured victims, you will need to make sure to meet deadlines, as to not compromise your position. 


The laws in your region may vary depending on the state in which you reside. For the most part, exceptions may be extended to minors, who are under the age of 18, and disabled citizens, both of whom are given additional time before the statute of limitations becomes effective. So, make sure that you stick to these deadlines accordingly. 

All in all, when you file for a claim for personal injury you are expected to move quickly. However, that should not mean you reduce the quality of your preparation. The most proven effective way that will enable you to meet the requirements during the specified time period is to hire a lawyer. They will do most, if not all, of the heavy lifting, so make sure you choose right. You should also know that some attorneys go by a no win, no pay rule, which gives the lawyer all the more reason to win the case. When picking an attorney, make sure they are compassionate, as it is always best to have a counselor that cares.