Samuel Hubbard

Samuel Hubbard – Business, Comfort, and Colors


I’ll be honest here, one thing I never understood as a kid was why do dress shoes always had to be uncomfortable when they’re brand new. No matter how expensive or cheap those dress shoes were, they are always unbearable until it was broken in. I mean I get it now as an adult. I understand what it takes to create a one of a kind bespoke dress shoe and endure a painful few weeks until it’s the best shoe in your closet and I appreciate that. Despite that, I don’t buy those shoes regularly and I definitely won’t spend a painful few weeks just for a shoe I plan to wear seasonally. This is where Samuel Hubbard shoes come in. Never have I experienced a chukka low shoe so insanely comfortable right out the box. This nubuck sky blue leather chukka lows is from their limited collection and have to say I am astounded by the quality of materials they used to make these. The nubuck leather is consistently buttery throughout the shoe, the sole has more grip on the ground than a set of dirt tires on a rally course and is thick for maximum support for a full days use. The leather insole has you feel like you’re walking on clouds. They are even more comfortable than some of the running shoes I own. In the shoebox it also comes with a small pamphlet on Hubbard’s shoe making history. Briefly summarized, they were in business from the 1930’s until about 1970’s and recently opened its doors again in 2014 still as a family business. If you want other colors or just looking for something more traditional they have plenty of options to choose from on their website. You can count on me scouting their collection for my next pair of oxfords.