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Getting The Best Out Of Luxury Men’s Fashion

When the purse strings get tight, it’s easy to run out of fashion ideas. Having a decked out wardrobe full of classic, luxury pieces doesn’t come free, and without a celebrity-level money tree growing in the backyard, it might seem impossible to stay a la mode. However, there are potential solutions to your low budget men’s fashion stress; using age-old tips and tricks with a contemporary twist, you can stretch your budget and your wardrobe to fit your style. 

Here are a few essential pieces of advice for guys looking to rock luxury garms without busting their bank account!

  1. Using What You Already Have

Sometimes, frugal male fashion is about taking the items you already own and looking at them in a different light. If you are sick and tired of the same old clothing items, try pairing them differently; you’d be surprised at the number of combinations you have not tried, and might find something awesome to wear that has been under your nose the whole time. Additionally, you can try getting your DIY on, by cutting, distressing, or hemming t-shirts and jeans to give them an edgier effect. This doesn’t require buying anything new and can spice up your wardrobe easily. Even if these items are designer, don’t be precious – do what you need to do to make them feel like yours again.

  1. Bring Your Friends and Engage In A Swap

One other way to get more out of men’s fashion frugally is by getting others on board. If you have male friends of a similar build and taste to you, ask them to bundle up all the items in their wardrobe they don’t wear, or want, anymore. Gather the items together and engage in a “swap” – rummage through your friends’ unwanted things and you are bound to find something for yourself that you are excited about. Similarly, this will help you get rid of any unwanted pieces; your pals are bound to find a use for them. 

This is like a totally free, fun and social form of luxury thrifting. Give it a go and you’ll be surprised; one man’s trash… You know the rest.

  1. Prioritize Signature Pieces

If you love luxury brands and want to own more designer pieces, you might be worrying about the financial aspect of it all. When it comes to buying luxury wear on a budget, it’s all about prioritizing signature pieces. Everybody has items that they wear or use almost every day. For example:

  • A watch. 
  • A bag/briefcase.
  • An overcoat.
  • A belt.

These items are ons you are likely to use or wear every single day, especially if you work in an environment that has a smart dress code. Therefore, if you are going to spend a little more on certain things, make it count. Signature pieces will be in frequent use and be seen by pretty much everybody you meet, so it makes sense to splash out on these things. An item you are likely to wear once, however, might not be worth cutting into your budget for.

  1. Learn How To Search For Deals

One important thing to learn when trying to shop style on a budget is searching for deals. With the exception of small, independent designers who only work out of one store or one site, most high quality fashion is available across multiple retailers. When you find something online that you adore, make sure to be aware that you might find it at a lower price point elsewhere. 

In addition, you can install browser extensions such as Honey which will automatically apply relevant coupons to any online purchase. This could save you hundreds of dollars with a coupon you didn’t even know existed!

Here are a few ways to shop luxury fashion the frugal way.

  • Shop at luxury fashion outlets such as Matches Fashion or Lyst. These stock items from all the top designer brands, including past-season stock which is no longer being sold by the brand itself. This doesn’t just give you a bigger range from which to shop, but it also allows you to shop at potentially lower prices.
  • Find sample sales and attend them like church! Sample sales are a sale of brand new, but often pre-season stock from a certain brand. Sometimes they are held online, but mostly they are in-person sales which are ticketed and can hold big queues. Nevertheless, these sales can contain brand new items at 90% off, or sometimes more! They are not to be missed.

All in all, there are always ways to get around high price tags. Living the life of luxury is closer than you think!