Rocktape II – A Great Addition to Your Workout

The first thing I notice about the RockGuards II is the unique look on the pads. They definitely grab your eyes with the enlarged ROCKTAPE name and miscellaneous wording. Aside from that, they are very sleek, lightweight, with minimal bulk. You can wear them over tights, long socks, or just wear them by themselves (as I did). The RockGuards II fit securely as they are equipped with foot straps to prevent them from moving up your leg. The 2” zippers at the ankles make it easy to put the shin skins on and fasten them as well. The fit is pristine, as they quickly feel like second skin.

The RockGuards II can be used for numerous training styles such as CrossFit, bodybuilding, and power lifting. I train with a bodybuilding approach, so I utilized the shins kins for my deadlifts. Even with my warm up sets, I immediately noticed the benefits. The bar moves extremely close to the shins, and it may even graze them while performing the lift. Having the RockGuards II really allowed me to focus on the exercise and muscle engagement, rather than worrying about the bar possibly cheese grading my skin. Rock Tape really capitalized on the padding by using a versatile synthetic rubber, neoprene, and there is 5mm of it to protect your shins.

I am fully confident that the RockGuards II will be a great addition to your fitness regimen, whether you are doing deadlifts, or climbing/sliding up and down a rope. If you want your shins protected, go with Rock Tape’s RockGuards II.

Daniel Kim is a NPC men’s physique competitor as well as a WBFFmen’s fitness model.