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Relocating? Here’s How to Set up the Internet After a Move

Moving house can be a lot of things and stressful is certainly one of them. Without a doubt, the most annoying part of moving house is setting up services. If you do not set them up prior to moving in then you could go weeks without internet, gas and even electricity. Rather than focusing on all of the aforementioned, this post will tell you how to set up your property’s internet before or after a move so that the day you move in (or the day after) you can browse your favourite streaming services and enjoy yourself.

Finding a Provider

Before you even consider moving house, do some research and find out what providers are available in the area you plan on moving to. You can go here to learn more about how you are supposed to do this. Once you have found a provider you want to work with you then need to reach out to them and open an account. This process is relatively straightforward and doesn’t require much explanation. If you do not open an account with them before moving in you’ll have to wait until after you have moved in to get your internet sorted.

In terms of finding a provider, make sure that you read reviews. An internet provider’s reviews can tell you everything you need to know about them and help you to decide if they are right for you. Bear in mind not all internet providers have good connections which is why it’s essential to read reviews.

Scheduling the Date

Once you have decided when you are going to move into your house you need to tell your new Wi-Fi provider. Ideally, you should tell them two weeks prior to moving in. Telling them two weeks prior will ensure they are able to get your property’s new internet connection set up. That being said some providers require more or less notice. The best way to figure out what your new provider’s requirements are is of course to get in touch with them and ask.

You should leave yourself enough time to give them as much time as possible. The more time they have to set up your property’s new internet connection, the better. If you leave it too late or do not give them enough time then they might not be able to help you out.

Testing the Wi-Fi

Finally, once your connection has been established you should test it. Do not just move in without testing it first. A lot of Wi-Fi providers say that connections have been established even when they have not. Testing your home’s new Wi-Fi connection before moving in will help you to prevent yourself from moving into a house that is not connected to the internet (and as you likely already know, in today’s day and age an internet connection is essential). Ask your Wi-Fi provider to investigate immediately if your connection is not established upon moving into your new home. The Internet is an important part of most people’s lives. If you do not ensure yours is properly set up before moving into your new house, you could be unable to use it for a few days or weeks. Follow this post’s guidance and get it set up before your move-in date.