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The Chore Coat is Back

Style  /   /  By Clayton Burke

Simple. Versatile. Rugged. The chore coat is a staple for the working man and it is quickly making a resurgence in men’s fashion. They are a piece of the American fabric, a coat of heritage if you will. The naming of the coat is self-explanatory: men needed extra space for easy access to tools, a spot to hold papers, or staying warm on those chilly early mornings. They needed a coat for chores. Throughout the years, as with all Americana pieces, the chore coat rose to the masses through movies and large brands like the very popular work-wear brand Carhartt, placing the chore coat among the good company of barn coats and field coats.

Chore coats are among my favorite pieces for cooler weather, similar to what you’d see in early spring and mid to late fall. Currently, I’ve been wearing my Apolis Indigo Wool Chore Jacket. What I love about it is the ability for the coat to grow with me as the indigo dye bleeda from the coat. The coat is a bit pricey, but the quality is impeccable from the vintage buffalo buttons to the hidden pocket on the right breast. For those budget conscious or those that just can’t justify paying that much for a piece of clothing, Pointer Brand has been consistently producing quality chore coats since 1913. As an added bonus, their chore coats are made in America, securing the American heritage atmosphere.

Styling chore coats are simple, which is perhaps the reason I love them so much. For a casual weekend, throw the coat on with a pair of jeans. For you office junkies, pair with your favorite chinos (colloquially known as khakis). A flannel or button-up are perfectly acceptable or for those late summer night grocery (alcohol) runs, a t-shirt can work just as well.

Chore coats have a little something to offer for everyone. Add some versatility to your wardrobe – bring on a piece that you will wear for years, that your grandfather wore for years, and one day maybe your kids or grandkids will wear for years. Whether you’re a manly man looking for a space for tools or an urbanite seeking a piece to start an outerwear collection, the chore coat will be right for you.

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I’m a writer and a menswear lover. When I’m not improving my self-image through clothes or excess amounts of protein, I’m drinking any type of ale, tending to my plants, or writing nonsense.

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