Arborist Letting Go
An oak tree has a hard time letting go

Reasons Why You Might Need to Hire a Professional Arborist

An arborist can be described as a tree surgeon, they are qualified and trained in providing the specific care that trees can require under many different circumstances. Here are some reasons why you could benefit from hiring a professional arborist.


Providing Your Trees with TLC 

The primary reason you’d want to hire an arborist is to take tender, loving care of your trees. Keeping your trees healthy and strong is vital, this is especially the case with regards to young saplings that could easily die off when not receiving the correct treatment. Unlike more mature trees which can usually weather harsher conditions and less frequent care. After all, a tree is a living thing and is always changing as they grow and are exposed to different conditions. 

A professional arborist will be able to cater to each specific species of tree and cater to it’s needs depending on its environment. Everything from choosing the right tree, right fertilizer, correctly pruning them and checking them for diseases amongst other tasks. All of these critical aspects of tree care require skills and knowledge, which only a specialist can properly provide.

Keeping Things Safe  

Working on trees, especially very large or old ones, can be a very dangerous undertaking. It is a job that should never be attempted without the correct training and safety equipment. Since most people don’t have access to those things, your best bet is to consult the expertise of a professional arborist. 

Risky aspects of tree care include pruning and trimming of the highest branches, removal or moving of trees, aeration and pest control. Ensuring that your arborist is qualified is of utmost importance, the folks over at Arcadia tree company recommend that you only consult the services of a qualified and licensed arborist local to your area. This will increase the likelihood of them having the necessary knowledge and skills to cater to the conditions and trees that are locally common, and do so in a safe and efficient manner. You can hence avoid the possibility of someone getting injured or even worse, the death of someone due to negligence of the trees and the manner in which they are cared for. 


Preserving The Value of Your Property 

Trees of all sizes and shapes have the ability to add substantial value to any property, hence providing them with the necessary care and maintenance is vital to preserving said value. Trees in themselves can cost a lot of time and money to plant and maintain, especially so in the case of professional landscaping and maintenance. 

Hiring a professional arborist is a sure-shot way to protect your investment as well as maintain the investment as they grow and mature. By arranging for an arborist to regularly visit your property, you can avoid the risk of losing your well spent time and money. You can also negate the possibility of property damage, this can be due to overbearing weight, insufficient rooting and storms amongst other scenarios which can cause a tree to collapse.

The additional bonus is that you can over time increase the value of your property through the proper care and maintenance of your trees. Properly maintained trees, especially when plentiful, are proven to boost the value of all kinds of properties both commercial and private. 

Given that trees are beneficial in so many ways, both to humans and nature alike, it goes without saying that they deserve to be treated correctly. Arborists dedicate their lives to perfect the craft of tree care and knowledge, they offer a service that is invaluable and will remain to be into the foreseeable future. 

All the reasons stated above prove that hiring an arborist will be a fruitful investment, in some cases quite literally! Not to mention that learning about how to tend to trees and plants is a vital part of serving our purpose as caretakers of this planet we call home, arborists are the caretakers of that knowledge.