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Power Practical has a history of creating segment defining products, from their thermonuclear electric camp pot, to their turbocharged phone charger. Not content to sit back and enjoy their already ample reputation, their team has just introduced their latest bright idea – the Luminoodle.

Funny name aside, this USB-powered strip of LED lights is set to solve a plethora of outdoor and adventure needs. Encased in waterproof silicone, this 4 1/2″ strip of lights can bend, bunch, tie, and drape its way to lighting just about any conceivable surface or angle. Add in a couple magnets for hanging on car projects or from your porch roof, and you’ve still just scratched the surface of the Luminoodle’s possible uses. Best of all, stuff the whole strip in the included carrying bag and you’ve got yourself a handy lantern. Slick stuff that.

This string of lighted goodness is currently up on Kickstarter – don’t worry, all of Power Practical’s campaigns always meet and exceed their goals – but we got an early hands-on test and put it through it paces. In fact, you’ll notice a certain Porsche Project in the Kickstarter video… We found the Luminoodle to be very bright, tough, and easy to work with. The imbedded magnets made suspending it under the car, or around an axle, an absolute breeze. Best of all, after a dirty night of wrenching, the silicone cover wiped right off and looked good as new.

We are unashamed fans of what the Power Practical team is up to, and this light strip is no different. It is versatile, tough, bright, and fills a need that hasn’t been solved yet. We highly recommend picking one up and getting your noodle on.

Adam Kaslikowski
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