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The boys from Stuttgart shocked the world today with a surprise announcement of a new Porsche 935. Sometimes, this world is a great place to live. Best of all, our man was on the scene to capture some in-the-flesh photos.

Debutting at the 2018 Rennsport Reunion happening right now at Weathertech Raceway, the new Porsche 935 is an homage to the classic racing 935 of the late 70’s that dominated race tracks and bedroom walls for a generation. This new iteration is also limited to the track (notice no headlights), in addition to being limited to just 77 examples. It’s a good bet that if you’re learning about the car today, you’ve already missed your chance to buy one.

Porsche 935

And what are you missing out on? How about 700hp from the modified 911 GT2 RS. How about turbofan wheels. How about 701,948 euros. So yeah, it’s a lot of everything, and minus 200 pounds from the car it’s based on. And don’t get me started on those totally superfluous exhaust pipes! They are better than the wheels!

Without further ado, here’s some pics of it in person, along with Porsche’s glamor shots:

Adam Kaslikowski
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