Incredible Advancements In Motorcycle Safety Technology

Safety is one of the key reasons a lot of people avoid motorbikes in the modern world. As roads have become much more populated with cars, placing yourself on two wheels doesn’t always feel like the smartest idea. Putting yourself at risk, this mode of transport is now reserved for fun for a lot of riders, and this is a shame. To give you the chance to take back your love of everyday riding, this post will be exploring some of the technology which has recently emerged to make your time on the road a lot safer.

black motorcycle parking inside the tunnel

Black Boxes: A lot of people think that black boxes are a tool which is designed to make car insurance cheaper, with few other real-world applications. In reality, though, a device like this can be invaluable after the experience of crashing your motorcycle. Giving the emergency services you exact location, this sort of tool will make it much easier to get help when you can’t call for it yourself. They will be able to tell when you’ve faced an impact, and this will start the ball rolling when it comes to getting attention.

Wearable Airbags: Airbags have proven to save a lot of lives when they are installed in cars. As most riders will leave their bike during an accident, though, it is hard to move this technology over to the two-wheeled market. Companies like Alpinestars have been working hard to change this, creating a range of well-tested wearable airbags which will deploy before an impact is felt by the rider. While investing in this will cost some money, it will be worth it to get you onto the road with your favourite vehicle.

Warning Systems: Sometimes, a simple warning is all that you need to get yourself out of trouble in an accident. A lot of bikes are powerful enough to pull away from danger if the rider is given a chance, and this is where collision detection comes in. While a system like this can’t take control of your bike like it can do with a car, as this would be too dangerous, they can still give you a clear idea of where a threat is coming from. This makes riding much safer for everyone involved.

Environmental Monitoring: Unlike cars, a motorcycle’s performance can be drastically altered when the weather changes. Wet roads, for example, can make riding very dangerous, as your bike’s settings will be more geared towards dryness. To get around this sort of problem, bike manufacturers have started working to include systems which can alter these settings based on what is on the road. For example, if you are riding on a very cold day, your bike will work to improve traction, while also increasing the effectiveness of your ABS.

Hopefully, this post will inspire you to get back on the road with your favourite form of transport. Missing out on the chance to use a vehicle like this as a symptom of fear is never a good thing, but a lot of people find it hard to come to terms with the idea of taking part in something unsafe, and this is something you have to overcome.