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Has The Increase In Dog Ownership Changed Car-Buying Habits?

Dogs are the most owned pets in the world. Owning a dog can enhance physical activities, relieve stress, and generally boost your heart health. But how much do dogs impact the method of car-buying for their owners?

During the ongoing pandemic, many homeowners have adopted the idea of owning a dog for companionship. The increase in dog ownership has resulted in quite an unexpected trend. According to several reports, the increase in dog ownership among most households has led to an increased demand for bigger vehicles. 

Among all the drivers that adopted a dog during the Coronavirus lockdown, 35% of them ended up upgrading their vehicle to a bigger-sized or more advanced model. This could be because the vehicle they were driving was either small or less dog-friendly. With this particular trend, you might ask yourself, does owning a dog influence the size of vehicle you drive? Australian company compare the market researched the comfort level of dogs while driving in the car which can help dog lovers choose a spacious vehicle.  

Need for a dog-friendly vehicle 

While car-buying for a dog-friendly vehicle might sound like such an easy task to navigate, it’s not always the case, and some people end up getting it all wrong. 

The best cars for dogs have unique features that ensure the dog and the owner are safe and comfortable throughout the drive. When shopping for a dog-friendly vehicle, these are the features you should consider;

  • A vehicle with a back door: You want to ensure that your dog can jump in and out of your vehicle with ease. 
  • Foldable or removable seats: This ensures you make room for your dog and its accessories while keeping things clean at all times.
  • A pet barrier: Ensure that the vehicle you’re buying has a pet barrier to restrict your dog from moving to the front seat while you’re driving. 
  • Rear A/C vents: A vehicle with rear A/C vents ensures that your dog benefits from the interior air conditioning, especially during long drives. 
  • Non-carpeted walls and floors: Since carpeted floors and walls attract dog fur easily, you want to go for non-carpeted ones for easier cleaning. 
  • Sunroof: A vehicle with a sunroof is more convenient for dogs. This is because it ensures adequate ventilation inside without the need to open the windows are doors. 
  • Childproof windows and doors: This feature ensures that your dog can’t open or close the vehicle doors or windows accidentally.  
  • Adequate backseat legroom: If your dog travels in a pet carrier, it’s best to go for a vehicle with a lot of backseat legroom space. 

Another factor dog owners should consider before buying a vehicle is comfort. Tinted windows and low heights should be some of the factors you consider to enhance your dog’s comfort. 


As a dog owner, there are many options you can explore out there when car-buying. However, you and your dog’s safety should always be on your mind before settling for any particular vehicle. While there is a correlation between car sizes rising and the number of dog owners, it is unclear if dogs comfort levels are influencing this.