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Peak Performance with Showers Pass New Hi-tech Baselayer

Seriously, the Showers Pass Body-Mapped Baselayer will be the most comfortable shirt in your closet. With its extensive list of fabrics to allow for maximum comfort, it comes at no surprise that it would be comfortable – but honestly, it’s so well designed to how the body moves, you might think you’re naked, but somehow just warmer.

Although specifically created with cycling and commuting use in the focus, I found it a great baselayer for exercising in due to way the 4-way stretch fabric moves with your body. Together with the seamless torso, which completely eliminates any chaffing, the custom blend of Merino Wool, Modal, Coolmax, Nylon and Spandex make for an exceptionally comfortable fit. Be aware however, the piece is a definitely a baselayer, and although it contributes to comfort and performance, even my XL is very formfitting.



“Baselayers are a natural extension of our product line, but it’s a new category for us.  So we wanted to make sure we got it right before bringing it to market.” notes Kyle Ranson, president, Showers Pass.

Many other high performance baselayers I have, including those from Under Armour and Nike, are typically quite elastic, but can also become uncomfortable due to the buildup of perspiration making them a poor choice for longer strenuous activities, as I unfortunately concluded midway through a recent half-marathon. Showers Pass’ solution to this problem is found in their unique fabric blend that utilized the unique qualities of each fabric to effectively cool the body in the areas where it sweats most, making for an all around more versatile package. Not only have they put extensive consideration into the fabric choice to maximize comfort, but have even gone so far as to develop specific knit-patterns that further improve ventilation along the spine, and from the under-arms to mid-core.

Because you’re so used to these areas becoming heavy with perspiration during an active day, myself included, you don’t realize how much more effortless your workout feels with the additional comfort the Showers Pass Baselayer offers.

“We surpassed all of our design goals, and are excited to round out our line and offer our customers another well-conceived high-performance garment.”













In summary, it immensely helps your body regulate its temperature – because less latent heat of vaporization (the biological process of sweating) occurs due to the intentional construction of the shirt, the Baselayer can keep you more hydrated, more comfortably insulated, and less likely to get a chill too.