Mountain Biking Protective Gear That You Must Have

Mountain biking can be a true escape from the bustle of the world. You’re alone in nature, unrestricted by speed, feeling the breeze, and gaining all the health and wellness benefits of time spent beneath the sun and breathing in the fresh air. Of course, mountain biking can quickly go awry if you get into a mild or severe accident. Things can be even more troublesome if you don’t have the right protective gear and clothing on your person when an accident occurs. The following will explore some things you might want to take with you on your next mountain biking excursion.

A Helmet

You probably already know this one, but just in case you don’t, you need a helmet. There are no exceptions to this. A helmet will protect your head, and therefore your brain, in the event of an accident. It can reduce the risk of a head injury by up to 85% if worn correctly. That’s a huge difference, and head injuries are no laughing matter. A head injury can be the difference between you remembering people’s names and not, or having splitting migraine headaches for the rest of your life, or succumbing to emotional outbursts that frighten or annoy your friends and family. A helmet is non-negotiable; it’s also legally required in a lot of places.

Trousers And Shoes That Can Handle Your Activity

Biking can be hard on your trousers and shoes, and because of that, you’re seeking shoes that protect your feet (and keep them dry if you’re in a wet climate) and trousers that keep you an ideal temperature while also protecting you from the elements and insects (ticks are no joke). The best MTB trousers will keep you cool and dry on hot days and warm and dry on cold days. They’ll also fit snugly (you don’t want them catching on a branch or something as you bike past) but not so snugly that they cut off your circulation any.

A First Aid Kit

First aid kits come in all shapes and sizes. This means you can find one that straps comfortably to your bike or fits in the small pack you take with you mountain biking. Having a first aid kit handy means you’ll be able to address any immediate medical needs you might have (or someone you stumble across might have). It’s a fantastic idea to take a first-aid course as well because you never know when that might come in handy.

Water Bottle Holder And Full Water Bottle

Having water nearby might not seem like part of your protective gear, but it is. Dehydration is a serious problem and can have all sorts of short-term and long-term damages. Especially if it’s hot, or you’re going to be really pushing yourself, you need to have water nearby.

If the trek is going to be particularly difficult, be sure you’re getting adequate electrolytes before you embark or that you have them with you. Electrolytes is a fancy way of saying minerals that help keep the fluids balance in your system ideal. They include potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, bicarbonate, sodium, and chloride. These can be supplemented or secured through a whole foods diet.

Signaling Device

If you’re heading far out into the wilderness and getting off the beaten track, you’ll want to bring with you some kind of safety signaling device. This might include a whistle or a flare. If you get too injured to make your way back to your vehicle, you’re going to need to get a message from someone nearby. Yes, your phone should be fully charged as well, but it’s always best to have a backup plan as phones also break in accidents, and there’s always the chance that you don’t have a great signal way out where you’re biking.

Emergency Blanket

This might sound like a big thing to travel with, but it isn’t. Emergency blankets fold up so small they can fit in your wallet. It’s basically a sheet of material that holds heat really well. If you’re going to be biking somewhere where the temperature drops at night, you should have one with you. In the event you’re waiting a while for someone to come and get you, you don’t want to be losing precious body heat.

Mountain Biking

The above tips should have made it clear that safe mountain biking isn’t too much trouble. It’s very simple to get everything you need and keep it on your person to help keep you safe in the event of an emergency.