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Time To Reach Out! Why Men Need To Ask For Help More

It’s amazing that, in the modern day, there is still this affront men can put up between them and the world. Asking for help appears, in some quarters, to be a sign of weakness. But it’s time for us to bring down these walls. Men need to start asking for help more, whether it’s something small, like a mathematical problem or something major like an accident, a lot of men seem to have an issue with reaching out. So, why do men need to ask for help more?  

It’s Admitting We Are Human

If it’s because we’ve had parents or father figures that told us to stand up straight and not talk about our feelings, it’s hardly a surprise that this transfers into an inability to ask for help. Ultimately, we know that we are flesh and blood, and as grandiose as this can sound, in asking for help, it can make us realize that we are all human. Do you beat somebody down because they made a mistake? Of course, you don’t! We’re all human!

We Can Learn From Our Mistakes

It’s funny, you can encounter people in life that don’t learn from a single thing. But if we are looking to develop ourselves, we’ve got to remain open to the fact that we can make mistakes. These days, it’s amazing how people want to still cover up their tracks. Usually, the reason is obvious, because they fear reprisal, but for the people that are willing to hold their hands up and say that they’ve done something wrong, but are willing to fix it, this implies depth. Nobody is perfect. And even in real life incidents where a mistake is made, or we encounter conflict, there’s always going to be people out there that can help us, but provide us with insight. Whether this is a personal injury lawyer that can help us realize that we weren’t in the wrong, especially if we are so negative on ourselves, or that relative that can lend us money, sometimes we can feel embarrassed that we need help. In asking for help and reaching out, sometimes it’s the only way we learn.

It Helps Us Avoid The Game Of “One-Upmanship”

People can feel a sense of pride that they haven’t asked for help in anything. This would appear to imply that they are self-sufficient, that they know everything. But this is more foolishness than anything else. Unfortunately, we can get caught up in that game of one-upmanship, especially in so-called masculine circles. And while toxic masculinity and the removal of it is a very big subject right now, it still exists across many plains. For those people that feel that they need to get one over on their contemporaries, this is something that isn’t just childish, but it’s one of those learned behaviors that can cloud someone’s entire life. Learning to ask for help can begin to knock down those walls.

Whether it’s nature or nurture, asking for help does not belie internal weakness. Yes, this is a cliche, but it seems that men can still benefit from this reiteration.