Mercedes-Benz 6x6 AMG G

Mercedes-Benz Once Made a G-Class with Six Wheels?

AMG is much more than a fancy badge and tuned Mercedes-Benz engines; it represents a complete reinvention of the car’s whole driving experience which fascinates any Mercedes enthusiast.

Brabus is another object of admiration for those people: the independent tuner works closely with the automaker to deliver insane levels of performance wrapped in a unique design.

While getting either one of those treatments makes a Mercedes-Benz car more than special, what can you expect of a car which received both plus an exclusive pickup body style with a third axle? Such unbelievable concoction was released in 2013 as a very limited edition for the G-Class.

The Best Brabus G-Class Ever

One of those units was listed for auction in the US through Bring a Trailer last week. However, the reason why it made the news is the asking price: US$ 1.1 million at least. That is literally more than twice the original price of roughly US$ 511,000 that was charged by Mercedes-Benz eight years ago. Now, what has made this model reach that standard?

The first reason is the B63S-700 Brabus tuning package. According to Carscoops, it brings “enlarged turbocharger compressor wheels, larger exhaust manifolds, an additional water-cooled intercooler kit, and gold heat-reflective material on the air intake pipes and turbocharger piping”. That is enough to take the twin-turbocharged 5.5-liter V8 to 700 hp of power and 708 lb-ft of torque.

Another important one is the visual distinction. On the outside, the delicate shade of white makes a strong opposition to all the Brabus parts in unpainted carbon fiber and the massive 37” off-road tires which enclose 18” beadlock wheels. The cabin responds with Brabus door sills made of stainless steel, white and black upholstery, and premium sound system.


Can I Install Brabus Tuning Myself?

Of course. And, fortunately, for much less than the asking price of the model above. Even though Brabus customization is usually applied as complete kits, it also offers a wide variety of individual parts. All you have to do is research which ones are available for your specific Mercedes-Benz car.

Now, even though some parts may seem easier to install than others, it is important to always have professionals do it. Brabus exhaust system, customized door sills, exclusive logos, the PowerXtra tuning package… all those items require precise operation to achieve their maximum performance.

Workarounds may cost you less at first, that is true, but they also bring risks such as excessive wear, higher fuel consumption, worse aerodynamics and even the possibility of immediate failure, which could be disastrous especially if you are driving at high speed. Specialized application ensures that everything will be installed as it should.


Where Can I Get Genuine Brabus Parts?

Mercteil offers a wide variety of Brabus components and Brabus tuning kits. They are all genuine and organized in an online catalogue which simplifies the entire process. Besides, it contains all the ways in which you can contact us for further information. Feel free to browse it and take your G-Class as close as possible to the Brabus 6×6 model!

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