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Men’s Grooming Essentials

Whether it’s time to pack your first to-go grooming kit or you are looking to make sure you have everything you need, a grooming kit is essential to every man’s life. From the moment I hit puberty, that glorious life and body changing time, I started picking and refining the products I always had access to ensure I didn’t become, well, ‘that guy’.

Above is my travel kit, tossed into my bag every week as I head out on my next work trip. I take the same things with me on every trip, matching what I have in my home bathroom to be consistent. I even make sure that the products I use have travel friendly options, letting me grab and go even in my carry on, at a moments notice, but again, I live on the road so that might not be necessary for everyone.

Recently, I have not needed to carry a razor with me though. As a bearded man, I tend to rely on the every-now-and-then trim up of my beard and the neckline while home, but when on the road, it was not as big of a deal. That was then. Now, I am on the road almost every week, in multiple cities, meeting more people than ever before. It’s part of the new gig, and with that, comes the expectation of a professional look. So my kit had to change.

IMG_0469 (2)

I needed a razor that not only was inexpensive and available wherever I might need to get a replacement but would not cause razor burn and red marks after use on a daily basis. And after some trial and painful errors, I found the Schick Hydro® Razors. These new designs from Schick hit the nail right on the head of what I needed.

So what caught my eye? Well, it was the reduced blade span in the new design. Blade span, or the space between each individual blade on a multi-blade razor, is one of the leading causes of irritation from shaving. So to find a product that has reduced that spacing to help minimize was key.

Also, the new Schick Hydro® series has options available that fit the needs of the skin. For me, the standard brand was fine, but for those with sensitive skin, the Hydro 5 Sensitive is available as well. So if for some reason, I start to get those little bumps, I will be able to switch to the Sensitive to ensure I am still maintaining my clean trimming.

So after a week of daily use, I was sold. The Schick Hydro® Razor was my newest addition to my kit, with the disposable for my carry-ons and the refillable cartridges at home. And alongside each one is my Edge Shave Gel, which lasts me forever and never irritates my skin. Overall, that’s a winning combination.

IMG_0505 (2)

So the final reason I went with Schick Hydro®? Well, it’s accessibility. I can pick these razors up at almost every grocer big and small, as well as overseas when needed. And there always seem to be great coupons, like the Meijer mPerks discount. where shoppers can save up to $11 with their mPerks (Expires: 3/12/16). Now that is true value for a clean shave.

So there you have it. Beyond my normal, a new addition to my essentials. The rest of my kit will continue to adapt, but until then, I am set to keep that professional look even when on the road.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of HYDRO. The opinions and text are all mine.