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Many Travelers Are Visiting Jersey – Here’s Why You Should Too

Jersey (or officially the Bailiwick of Jersey) is an island in the English Channel, part of the archipelago named The Channel Islands. It is a self-governing British Crown Dependency, which means it’s not officially a part of the UK, but is considered a territory for which the Kingdom is responsible. The first evidence of humans populating the island dates back to 250.000 years ago, and it has had a rich history ever since. There are several museums on the island that could help a traveler get immersed into the story of Jersey. 

More and more tourists visit the island every year, drawn by its beautiful beaches, great spa hotels, delicious foods, and activities like surfing for those who like a more active holiday. 

Whether you’ve heard of Jersey before or not, there are more than a couple of reasons you should think about going on a holiday there. 

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Rich Cultural Heritage

Jersey is a place proud of its history and ancestry. You will be bedazzled by the number of historic sites, museums, castles, and tunnels you can explore. You can visit the beautiful Mont-Orgueil castle and enjoy a spectacular view of the coast and the charming port of Gorey, or feel the history by climbing and exploring the battlements in Elizabeth Castle.

The people of Jersey pay much attention to maintaining and preserving all these historical monuments, and almost all of them are accessible and interactive. 

You can visit charming old cottages and feel the spirit of the old times (and get some spectacular shots for that Instagram account of yours), or see if one of the many museums on the island sparks your interest. 

Hohlgangsanlage 8 or more commonly called Jersey War Tunnels offers a great insight into the period of occupation by Nazi Germany. The island was under siege for 5 years (1940 to 1945) and in that time many of its inhabitants were deported, and many of the Jewish people there were sent to concentration camps. The museum itself was once an underground hospital complex built and used by the Nazis, and it provides a powerful, horrifying insight into this part of Jersey’s history. 

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The Wonderful Beaches

One of the aspects that draw more and more people to visit Jersey is the abundance of beautiful sandy beaches. Can you imagine, just a bit over half an hour from the UK coast, you’ll find a seaside experience you thought was only possible in the Caribbean or other exotic destinations. These beaches are among the cleanest in this part of the world, and they each vary in size and appearance, due to the island’s unique topology. 

If you are looking for peace and quiet, you may find Beauport the perfect beach for you. Remote and uncluttered by any sorts of cafés, toilets, or any sort of facility at all, Beauport is a wonderful piece of heaven with a beautiful view and lovely white sand you’ll surely enjoy. 

On the other hand, if you’ve brought your surfing board and want to get in touch with those waves, St Ouens may be the choice for you. This is the island’s main surfing beach, and is quite a bit more active, with happenings like live music or local seafood sellers (at great prices). Also, the natives will say that this is the best place to stay and observe the magnificent sunset (there’s one amazing activity that is completely free!). 

The bottom line is, whichever part of the coastline you stumble upon, you’ll enjoy it, because truly, Jersey has some amazing beaches, whether it be for relaxation or enjoying water sports or other beach activities. Those gorgeous ocean views, the white sand, and crystal-clear waters will surely stay in your memories forever. 

The Overall Atmosphere, Food, Accommodation

One of the things that make Jersey so charming is the overall relaxed, quaint atmosphere. Everything seems to be running smoothly, the busy farmers are enjoying a simple life that seems to be forgotten in most parts of the world, everyone is easygoing and welcoming, and there are many lovely cafés and restaurants to visit and enjoy. Don’t worry if you haven’t planned ahead, even with quick last-minute planning, you surely won’t miss any of your stuff once you get immersed into the island atmosphere. 

The food on the island is just plain old yummy, carefully prepared (the people of Jersey take much pride in their cuisine) and there’s never a shortage of fresh seafood. Almost everything is produced locally, and you may also be thrilled to find out there’s a Michelin starred restaurant called Bohemia on the island, where you can truly give your taste buds a treat. There are also a couple of vegan spots. 

There are plenty of accommodation options to choose from, whether you are looking for a boutique hotel, a quaint beachside guesthouse, or just a place to set up camp, Jersey has it all.

You may be a lone traveler or a family guy looking for a peaceful getaway with your dearest, the island will provide a viable option for any and all needs you might have. 

Here’s a couple of additional tips on what to do when visiting Jersey:

  • Go for a walk/hike (The island’s landscape is full of beautiful surprises, you’ll surely enjoy and won’t be back for hours) 
  • Discover fresh local food at the Central Market
  • Visit the Jersey Opera House
  • Explore the caves at Plemont Bay 
  • Try some water sports like riding a banana boat or paddleboarding
  • Have a relaxing cup of tea at the L’Horizon, while enjoying a spectacular ocean view.
  • Visit the Jersey Zoo (home to some of the rarest animals in the world, definitely worth giving a go)

There’s more to do and see on Jersey island, but why keep on reading about it. This short informative text about it seems more than enough to entice you to go on and book that ticket. You absolutely won’t regret spending your holiday break at this wonderful place in between the UK and the French coastline.