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6 Tricks for Smarter Last-Minute Travel Planning

The general assumption is that last-minute travel is ridiculously expensive and incredibly taxing. While in many cases this is true, it is not a rule and if you approach the problem calmly, you can keep both your money and your sanity. Here are a few tricks for smarter last-minute travel planning.


Packing can be very stressful, especially for a sudden trip. Making sure you have everything you need once you arrive while keeping your luggage at a reasonable size is no small task. Fortunately, there are plenty of guides on how to pack for a vacation that can help you. What you pack will depend mostly on where you are going, when you are going, and what you plan on doing, so keep that in mind while stuffing your suitcase. Make sure to check the weather forecast for your destination to help you decide whether you need heavier garments, like a raincoat.

Keep Your Plans Flexible

It is only normal to expect that you won’t be able to do everything you wanted on a last-minute trip. Some things may have to be canceled. It is unfortunate, but that doesn’t mean the end of the world. Be flexible with your planning and you may end up doing even more than you originally planned. You can check Big Booty Fish to see how traveling on a whim can be an amazing experience. While some of the options may not be available on short notice, there will be plenty of others that you can experience. A solid Plan B can be a lifesaver in such a situation. The key is to keep your mind open and not despair over details. That way you can fully enjoy your vacation.

Booking Tickets

Finding a flight on the same or the next day can often be very pricey. However, there are several apps that can help you find more affordable air tickets. A $500 return round-trip from JFK to London’s Heathrow with British Airways for the same-day flight sounds impossible? Yet someone managed to snag this deal using a GTFO app. Make sure you check various options, including ones that don’t fly directly to your destination. Often, taking two flights when one is local can be much cheaper than one long flight. If at all possible, try to avoid flying on Friday evenings and Monday mornings. The business crowd usually swamps the airports then and tickets will be considerably more expensive than on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays. Your chances of finding a good deal on those days are much higher.

Consider Taking a Train

If you can’t find flights that won’t break the bank, consider taking a train to your destination. It may take a little more time to get there, but the advantages of train traveling far outweigh this small inconvenience. First of all, trains are much cheaper. Secondly, they are also more comfortable and more spacious, and you don’t have to pay for extra luggage. Finally, train rides can be very romantic if you are traveling with a significant other.

Drive to Your Destination

Is your destination reachable by car? Sometimes, driving can be your best option, and often cheaper. Not to mention that you will have your car at your disposal when you get there, which can be extremely convenient. If you don’t have a car, you can always rent one, although that can be pricey. If you are not comfortable driving long relations, consider one of the sharing services. Apps like Car2Go operate in several major cities and will find you a ride in no time.

last-minute travel

Consult a Specialist

If booking transportation for last-minute travel proves to be too much, consider consulting a specialist. These people do this sort of thing for a living and will be able to sort you out in no time. You will be presented with a variety of options and expert advice on which ones work best for you. Things that never even occurred to you are second nature to them. It may cost a bit, but the service they provide will save you from a lot of stress and aggravation.