Love the Rush? Here are Great Hobbies That’ll Get Your Juices Flowing!

There is something to be said for having a hobby that makes you feel good, but there are some hobbies out there that require a little bit more of a push for you to get that adrenaline hit you might be looking for. It’s nice to sit down with some fabric and some sewing needles and a machine as well as a good pattern, but that’s not going to get your juices flowing. If you have a thirst for adventure then you’ll be looking for ways to satisfy it, and high octane activities are great for those who crave a little excitement. 

The best part is that you don’t have to make this your whole life. If you are working in a boring office job and living for the weekend, extreme sports like zooming on an electric dirt bike or diving off the high board with nothing but a bungee cord could really help you to have something to look forward to? There is no real limit when it comes to extreme sports, so if you are really looking forward to taking your hobbies to the next level then you need the list below. Try them one by one or cherry pick from it. Either way, you need to get that satisfying adrenaline rush so let’s dive in!

  • Skydiving. One of the most popular adrenaline inducing hobbies out there, skydiving involves jumping out of an airplane from thousands of feet in the air. Yes, you heard that correctly. From here you will free fall before you pull your own cord and deploy your parachute. It’s a huge rush to be able to be at that height and fill the ground rushing towards you, but if you’re new to skydiving, you can take a training course and jump with a guide in what’s called a tandem jump. It may be something you just do once and never do again, or it might be something that you catch the bug for!
  • Bungee jumping. This differs from skydiving, and bungee jumping involves jumping off of a higher platform or a bridge while you are attached to a bungee cord around your ankles or knees. You will free fall as you jump until the cord reaches its full elasticated length and then it will help you to bounce back up again. It’s an intense rush, and it’s not one that’s for the faint of heart because you are literally choosing to jump off a platform. Always go with a company that is reputable, with good reviews, and follow every safety guideline given to you. After all, this is your life.
  • Head for the waters with whitewater rafting. If you love to sail or use canoes, then you will love the adrenaline rush that comes with whitewater rafting. Not only will you be in a boat that you are controlling with a pair of oars or just one oar, you will navigate rapids and rough waters in rafts that don’t always feel like they can’t cope with it. It’s a great way to bond with others and challenge yourself because you can take up whitewater rafting with other people and not have to go it alone.
  • Go surfing. This may not seem like an adrenaline inducing hobby, but it is. Surfing is classic for those who are seeking adrenaline, and it’s been around for decades. If you are living near a beach that has warm oceans lapping against the shore, you can go wave chasing with your surfboard and you could take lessons in how to do it. Paddling out to the ocean where you don’t know what’s beneath the waves, and choosing to ride a wave that’s twice as big as you is exciting.
  • Grab a bike and go to the mountains. Again, it doesn’t sound like a hobby that would be necessarily adrenaline inducing, but it really is. With mountain biking, you are riding on much rougher terrain and often without a path. You’ll navigate forests and mountainous roads, as well as hills and dirt roads, and you’ll do it all with the vigor and courage you’ve got in your bones. It’s an intense way to explore the outdoors, but it’s one you’re never going to forget. There are steep inclines and rocks and roots to navigate, and it’s a good way to get some great exercise as well.
  • Elevate your surfing experience by kite surfing. This involves riding a board while you are being pulled along by a kite. Not only will you ride on huge waves, you’ll be able to perform tricks and feel the rush of both wind and water at the same time. You could enjoy the great outdoors and challenge yourself to one of the toughest hobbies all at once.