The Most Exciting Games to Play on a Bachelor Party

Your best friend is getting married, this must be great news for you! A mix of emotions between the sadness of losing a part of him and excitement that he is actually taking a huge step in his life and decided to start a small family could be overwhelming. Everybody wants to help someone who’s getting married, but not many actually get to really help. Grooms are confused, swamped with tasks, and too busy with a normal family and future wife arrangements that take place before a wedding. However, there’s one thing that also takes place before a wedding, it’s essential and it’s your job only as the best man to make it happen. The bachelor party has nothing to do with the groom. In fact, it should be a surprise, but usually isn’t because you’d have to check in with him on the plan of the day to get his approval. After all, you don’t want to be ruining the last day as a single man for him. 

Most of the grooms usually pick a low-key bachelor party. They usually just want to hang out with the boys, get really drunk, party, and laugh their hearts out. But the thing is that low-key parties are harder to manage. 

You need to able to keep things fun, here are some very exciting games for you to play


Unscramble is one of the best games you can play with your friends. If you’re at a bachelor party and things seem to be going a little slow, all you need to do is get it from and write a list of about 15 words. That’s it, the website will scramble the words and you can enjoy this mind twister all night. It will make you laugh so hard to a point where you tear up a little and will make things more fun. 

Bachelor’s Hunt 

Make a list of challenges and print them into t-shirts and give them to everyone including the bachelor. While you’re out all night partying, you need to try and check all these items. The person with the most checked items wins at the end of the night. It will keep you guys moving and talking to people all night. Making fools of yourself will make this a night to remember! 

Truth or Dare 

The typical old truth or dare can’t go wrong on a night like this. If you have invited a few friends and got some girls to party with you all night, you can try a little bit of truth or dare just to shake things up and keep people excited all night. The game is all about spinning the bottle until it stops, pointing at someone and that person has to choose between getting asked personal questions and answer truthfully or just let them dare you and do some silly actions. Truth or dare will make you guys laugh, waste time, and prank people all night long. 


You can play poker for money so you get things more interesting, but you can also invite a few girls and play strip poker, which will make things even more interesting. Each one of the guys will team up with one of the girls and the losing team has to… strip. Isn’t that just the best game? 

Drinking Games 

When people say the words bachelor party, you start imagining a bunch of men getting drunk all night. There are many drinking games that you can enjoy like shot roulette and beer pong. However, the best ones are the ones that you make up on the spot. So it could be taking a shot every time a specific song comes up or every time one of your friends repeats a certain word. Drinking games are simple, fun, and will keep everyone interested all night long. 

A bachelor party will always be a fun, memorable night, no matter what happens. So just remember to relax because even if it gets ruined it will still be fun. There is no way you can mess up getting a bunch of men drunk and hop from one bar to another during a party. However, if you decide to have a chill night at home with a little bit of fun, one of the games mentioned above or all of them will definitely turn your night into one that you can never forget. Full of dumb, silly, and moments of love and laughter. Finally, just make sure you don’t end up like the dudes from hangover who keep on ruining their friend’s relationships and weddings every time they party together. So stay safe and make sure the groom is alright. Congratulations!