Letter From The CEO

It’s been a wild ride my friends. When FactoryTwoFour launched in February of 2014, we knew that today’s modern gentleman was not well represented online. We knew that all the existing destinations were simply attempting to present an outlandish and expensive version of what a man should be. We knew what we wanted to say and show was unique. What we didn’t know was how many of you out there agreed with us.Now only a year later we know that our Original Lifestyle strikes a cord with hundreds of thousands of men worldwide. It has been a year of great trips and cocktails, swag suits and cozy reads. We’ve tried some fantastic experiments here. Many have succeeded, quite a few have failed. And you’ve stuck with us through thick and thin. Thank you.

Now for 2015 we are unveiling our brand new site and continued focus on the very best story-based content for today’s gentleman. You can look forward to unique cocktail menus, epic drives, state-of-the-art fashion, and general trouble-making. This year is going to continue to bring changes for us as we roll out a fantastic writing staff and big article series ideas. Make sure to stay tuned.

Living the Original Lifestyle,

Adam Kaslikowski
CEO FactoryTwoFour