Is Buying Designer Watches Really Worth It

We’ve all seen people who wear designer watches. They are usually well-dressed and pleased to display their sparkly, expensive timepiece with every move of their arm. But why the expensive purchase, when there are far cheaper models available on the market? Should we all aspire to get one as well? Let’s take a look together. 

There are Cheaper Alternatives

Millions of people own watches of much humbler origins than a Rolex, Versace, Gucci or Omega. They can be water-resistant for lovers of water sports, or aeronautical versions for people who fly planes. There is an abundance of makes that are infinitely cheaper than designer watches, yet they look great and tell the time perfectly well. 

Most people have heard of companies that sell alternative brands to major aftershaves and perfumes. Customers say a brand they like and can get a similar smelling brand for a fraction of the price. The same thing goes for designer watches. 

Anyone wishing to possess something far classier than a cheap Casio watch could consider purchasing a fake watch. According to the staff at, they are fully legal replicas of well-known designer watches. Many such companies get them produced in China and ship them anywhere in the world. Because of the international popularity of such items, people can pay using different currencies in order to secure their purchase. 

All That Glitters is Not Gold

Imagine how you would feel if you paid full price for a designer watch, and then spotted cheap plastic within the timepiece. 

In the business world, it is possible for sellers to buy generic products in bulk, and then brand and package them themselves. Ironically, many designers watch companies outsource the production of the heart of their watches to cheaper producers. The results may be of lower quality, but the watch company then adds its huge markup, and utilizes marketing to make people pay more. 

Wealth on Show 

Some people pay high prices for trainers simply so they can show off the brand name. It’s the same with designer watches

Any businessman who meets a new client will be sending strong messages with their watch. It could be ‘I’m a self-made man. I’m successful and wealthy. Time is money and I’m punctual, dependable, and organized’.

The designer watch may tell the time in a similar way to cheaper brands, but the results can be very different. Women love to see expensive watches, and designer brands never go out of vogue. 

An Investment

Gold has held its value consistently, and at times it has soared. The same goes for other precious metals – many of which are found within designer watches. Cars halve in value when they leave the forecourt, but designer watches can fetch great resale prices. 

Parents love to leave things to their children. A designer watch makes an awesome heirloom that will never look dated, old, or tacky. 

Cheap watches can certainly do the job as well as designer watches, but it depends on what a person wants. Such watches are highly collectible, can acquire sentimental value, and can be made of high quality. For those who love the look but hate the price, there are timepieces deliberately designed to replicate the masters.