How to Vet Addiction Treatment Facilities

With millions of people struggling to find addiction treatment each year, usually, they are rarely the ones who feel its weight. Children, friends, parents, and other family members often are the ones who see the addiction effects firsthand. When trying to help your loved one, it is easy to start feeling ignored, powerless, or in some cases even angry. That being said, people with addiction that use alcohol or drugs suffer as well, they can not simply say no and move on. 

Since these addictions are hard to recover from alone, usually they would require professional care in a specialized facility. If you have a loved one that struggles with a substance use disorder, you have most probably made a huge and courageous step by understanding that something needs to change for their well-being and yours. 

To find a legitimate addiction treatment facility for them sure is not easy, although, here is some advice that might be useful. 

How Does One Become Addicted?

Spotting the addiction is the first step to take. The majority of people who have become addicted to substances like alcohol or drugs, will either be unaware or in denial of their problem. Usually, addiction would tend to happen gradually. You can learn more here about different types of addiction one can have. It starts with substance abuse, or in some cases from legal prescription drugs if they are used for too long. People that are following the dosages can also become addicted to these medications. The more substance the person takes, the more tolerance to it is growing. 

That means that more of it will be needed to be injected in order to have the same effect as it did in the beginning. It is quite a challenge to help your loved one overcome addiction and often, it takes a team effort to tackle it. 

Look for Types and Amount of Treatment Programs

Before you decide which treatment facility is best for your loved one, it would be advisable to check if the center itself would provide various effective treatments. Meaning, rehab facilities that offer only one or two program therapies might not be the best option since they will most likely not be able to customize the care for your family member. Also, it would be important to remember that addiction treatment centers should provide a vast number of therapies that are evidence-based and have been scientifically proven to work. 

If the treatment is effective in scientific studies, it should not be disregarded so easily. In a situation where your loved one has any sort of challenge when it comes to mental health, it would be wise to seek a facility that can assist him in that as well. There are many centers that offer programs for specific mental conditions he or she might have. 

Who Should I Consult With? 

An easy way to find a legitimate addiction treatment facility is through a conversation with your family member’s primary care provider. Also, you could consult with the health professionals like a counselor,  interventionist, psychiatrist, or therapist to learn about all local facilities that can work out well for you. 

People at these positions would often have a built-in network of contacts with all local facilities and for that reason, they are the ones which can show you the right direction to take. Whether personal or online, local recovery groups are yet another valid source for recommendations.

Members of such groups have struggled with addiction and have often had treatment themselves, so they could give you an inside look at any rehab centers in the area. 

Check for Accreditation and Licensing

One of the most important things to look for are perhaps licensing and accreditation during your search. For instance, CARF and The Joint Commission accreditation will ensure that the facilities in the United States are meeting or exceeding standards of care. 

Usually, they would inspect the whole facility and make the background checks on the majority of the medical staff members. Those facilities which are accredited and licensed, offer the best rehab treatments in the area. 

This guide can hopefully assist you to find a legitimate treatment center for your loved one that suffers from addiction. It is an emotionally draining and difficult task, however, in the end, it all pays off. 

Have in mind that it would be wise to make an educated and informed decision on the matter before starting your search. Although the recovery may take time, at the end of the day, there is nothing more important than your loved one being supported to overcome their problem in the right way.