Seattle is Perfect in the Summer

My wife and I just got back from a long weekend in Seattle and it was wonderful. We landed at SeaTac airport to perfect skies and a 70 degree day, the weather could not have been better.

We started with lunch at Serious Pie, a stylish pizzeria where cooks made fresh dough near the center of the restaurant. We had indescribably good  bruschetta that was brushed with smoked lard and topped with marinated artichokes with a goat ricotta. Their tap beer menu was filled with local breweries and was spot on for the type of pizza being served. Serious Pie is a must for anyone looking for top notch pizza.

The best brewery we visited was Cloudburst Brewing.  All their beers are one-offs that only exist once and only for a moment in time, something unheard of in the brewing industry. I tried and shared a few of their brews and they were all quite frankly amazing. If I could live near any brewery it would be this one; they seem to have an ever changing supply of amazing beers.

Fremont Brewing had the best biergarten I have ever enjoyed on a sunny day. Their brews were solid and diverse, with a great Gose and Wheat beer. One of my favorite aspects was how Fremont Brewing was very dog and kid friendly with bowls of fresh water and a large play area with games.

Japonessa had the best happy hour by far featuring cheap Sapporo, great Sake for a steal, and one of the best sake cocktails I have ever had. They had a surprisingly large number of rolls and appetizers for way less than I expected and each one we had was phenomenal. The best part was a Green Tea Tiramisu which was a sublime dessert that was simply delicious.

While beach destinations seem to be the destination of choice during summer vacation I recommend exploring the cooler and much more wild North West. Seattle is an amazing experience with some of the best food and beer there is.