How to Overcome Your Fear of Commitment

If you’re afraid of commitment, you’re not alone, as there are many different reasons why people are hesitant to fully commit to someone.

For instance, you may suffer from FOMO and can’t help but wonder who and what you may be missing out on by devoting yourself entirely to your partner. There are also instances when a fear of commitment stems from one’s own doubts about the very nature of relationships in general. And if you’re someone who’s been hurt in the past, you may believe it’s easier to already have one foot out the door when you’re with someone in order to protect yourself and your heart.

However, breaking free from your fear of commitment is the way to experience a truly fulfilling, deep, and long-lasting connection with another person. And when you’re struggling with commitment, the good news is there are steps you can take right now to leave this fear in the past.

1. Have a real desire to get over your fear. If you want to overcome your fear of commitment, it has to be something that you—and you alone—truly want to do. After all, if your incentive to commit is stemming from an increased pressure from your partner, your efforts will likely be superficial at best because it’s not something that you truly want to do. Remember, as with any enduring behavioral change, the motivation and desire has to come from within you.

2. Take a closer look at your connection with your partner. When you’ve made a commitment to yourself to try and overcome your fear of commitment, the next step is to reexamine your connection with your partner. In fact, when you’re deciding to commit to someone in general, it’s important that you know this person well, are on the same page about your potential future together, and are in sync regarding what you’re looking for in a partner and in a relationship itself. And once you’re completely honest with each other (and yourself), making a commitment to this person will be an easier and more successful step for you to take.

3. Face your fear. As is said with many different types of fears, one of the best ways to triumph over it is to tackle it head-on. And that means taking a leap and making a full commitment to your partner. And while it may seem scary or difficult to fully give your heart to someone, devote yourself entirely to this person, and be in a vulnerable state, it’s important to understand that this risk is necessary in order to create a meaningful connection.

And yes, while some relationships dissolve and you may end up getting hurt, risking it all is truly worth the reward. In other words, when you commit to being all-in with your partner, you have everything to gain.