Velvet brown textile in close up image

5 Velvet Style Tips For Women

Velvet clothing is more versatile than you think. It’s not just for wearing at Xmas and it doesn’t just have to be for special occasions. Below are 5 style tips for looking voguish in velvet throughout the year. 

Pair velvet tops with jeans

Velvet tops work great with jeans for a casual but chic look. Green and red are the most common festive options, while black or white tops are suitable to wear all year round. Some are buttoned up while others have no buttons. There are also velvet tops for women that have a boho feel to them, which are great for Spring and Fall. You can explore a great variety of velvet tops in all kinds of sizes online. 

Stay classy with a velvet maxi

Velvet maxi dresses are great for Christmas parties and winter weddings. You’ll find many different styles of velvet maxi online. Some are more cozy and conservative with sleeves and turtlenecks. Others can bring more of a sexy look with thigh splits and plunging necklines. Sleeveless maxis with halter necks can also look great (you can even pair them with velvet gloves for a slightly vintage look). Such dresses come in various different colors. Choose a black maxi if you want something that you can wear at many different occasions. 

Contrast a neutral outfit with burgundy ballet flats

Burgundy velvet ballet flats can be great statement shoes. They are particularly great for pairing with neutral colored outfits such as cropped black jeans and a white sweater, or a black turtleneck and black and white checkered skirt. You may even be able to pull them off with workwear, such as a suit or a black skirt and blazer. Buy a pair and try experimenting with different combos. Velvet shoes are available in many other styles including boots and even sandals. 

Make a statement with a jumpsuit

Velvet jumpsuits are fantastic items to wear for special occasions where you may not fancy wearing a dress. They pair well with heels and a matching handbag. You can find these jumpsuits in all kinds of colors. Burgundy and green are the most obvious festive choices, while black and gray can feel relevant all year round. You can buy jumpsuits with sleeves or sleeveless jumpsuits. Leather jackets can be great for wearing with sleeveless jumpsuits for providing some extra warmth. 

Try the velvet skirt and long sleeve crop top combo

Looking for a striking and edgy outfit for a night out? A skirt and velvet long sleeve crop top make a great combo that can be worn even in the hotter months. Velvet midi skirts work well with heels or ballet shoes, while mini skirts can be paired with thigh-high boots or gladiator sandals. This is definitely an outfit that requires confidence to pull off as it shows off quite a bit of flesh. Plus-size ladies may feel more comfortable choosing a high-waisted skirt to take the focus away from their tummy.