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6 Ways A Lawyer Can Help You If You Got Injured Recently

Sadly, accidents happen and the repercussions can be many. People find themselves in pain and injured, unable to work, and needing medical attention. Many face financial worries as a result and may find the responsible party is denying liability for what has happened.

If any of these things apply to you or a loved one, there is no need to despair. This article will provide you with six ways that a lawyer can help get you through the process.

  1. They Can Provide A Free Initial Consultation

It’s advisable to speak to a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible. They can discuss your case and recommend the best course of action. If another party was at fault you may be able to submit a legal claim for compensation. A lawyer can help you determine how much of a financial settlement would be appropriate given how you were injured and costs. They can also advise you how likely you would be to win the legal claim.

St. Louis is a city located in Missouri, USA and you can find it on the western bank of the Mississippi River. It’s possible to contact a St. Louis personal injury attorney to discuss accidents involving pedestrians, motorcycles, trucks, and cars. They can advise you on anything from dog bite injuries and unsafe product injuries to wrongful death and work-related injuries.

  1. They Can Become Your Legal Advocate

It can be a vulnerable and scary position if you are injured, yet facing mounting medical debts and an insurance party that refuses to pay compensation. If you employ the services of a lawyer they will be able to represent you from start to finish.

This means that they will take care of all the important decisions, talk to each party on your behalf and attend any court hearings or trials that are needed.

  1. They Can Deal With The Other Party’s Insurance Company

If you choose to represent yourself and deal directly with the insurance company, you are likely to be taken advantage of, being asked questions that are designed to trip you up and weaken your legal claim. This is so that the insurance company either wouldn’t need to pay out or that they would only need to pay a reduced sum. 

Insurance companies often drag their feet about claims and try not to payout, even if the other person is clearly guilty of causing an accident. A lawyer will know how the insurance company works and what kind of tactics they use and will be able to aggressively fight your case. Their experience could help you receive a higher settlement payment, and quicker.

  1. They Can Investigate The Accident

Your lawyer will be able to obtain a clear version of events, contacting witnesses and gathering any evidence that could help your case. In terms of documentation, this might include eyewitness statements and photographs of the incident site (for example if you were hit by another vehicle). They will also request a copy of the Police Accident Report that was completed by the officer who attended the scene.

Your lawyer can also investigate other factors such as whether road safety was breached. It may be that the roads were in a poor condition or that the traffic lights weren’t working properly. Alternatively, your accident may have been caused by defective machinery such as faulty car parts, or the other driver may have taken a pharmaceutical drug that is known to have side effects (e.g. drowsiness).

  1. They Will Know What To Claim For

Your lawyer will be best placed to know what you need the compensation for. This could include pain, trauma, and suffering, your medical bills and a loss of enjoyment of life. There could also be carer expenses, physical and psychological therapy or medical equipment.

  1. They Can Help You Think Of The Future

Your lawyer can also seek finances to cover any future bills, such as house modifications for wheelchair ramps, stairlifts and a walk-in shower or bath. You may be facing future operations and always needing prescription medication. You may now have a reduced earning potential (or be unable to ever work again) because of your injury.

People who employ a lawyer usually receive higher compensation, making it a  compelling reason to use one. They can put your claim together and submit it, fight your case and gain a just settlement. As a result you will have the resources that you need to get your injured life back on track and to enjoy the best possible future.