Creating a Cocktail That Represents the Classy Dumpster-Fire That is Bridesmaids

Bridesmaids is one of my favorite comedies; every scene is a joke or set up for a later payoff and  it features some of the best comedic actress of our time. But what really makes it a close favorite of mine is that when it came out 7 years ago it I saw way to0 much of my 24 year old self in Kristen Wigg’s main character. The movie perfectly encapsulates what it is like to be a twenty to thirty-something lost in the etherial realm of adulthood where it seems that all your friends are moving on to bigger and better things leaving your water-treading ass behind.

In order to create a custom cocktail that truly captures the fun-loving dumpster fire that is Kristen Wigg’s character Annie throughout the movie I had to come up with something that feels classy on the outside but is far more rebellious, complex, and messy than it ever lets on. The only liquor that could fulfill this call is of course Tequila, it is equal parts classy and destructive.

One of the hardest things about enjoying truly top-shelf original cocktails is paying the astronomically hefty price that comes along with buying them at snooty and elitist bars. This cocktail needed to be Annie’s go-to drink drink when she wanted to exude an air of class and dignity while not breaking the bank when making it at home. And most importantly; it needed to be strong enough to help her get her buzz on to make it through all of life’s artificial trials that only affect millenials.

Luckily I had one of the best Tequila’s I have ever tried on hand; Hornitos Cristalino. Hornitos Cristalino is a finely aged Anejo tequila that is gently filtered resulting is an extremely smooth tequila that is light, versatile, and highly approachable. 

I decided to use the Cristalino as the base of this Mojito-type cocktail that bends genre expectations as well as being easy drinking, refreshing, and surprisingly complex. I introduce to you The Bridesmaid: A Tequila Mojito.

The Bridesmaid: A Tequila Mojito

  • 2 0z Tequila (Blanco or filtered Anejo, I found Hornitos Cristalino fit the bill perfectly)
  • 1 oz fresh Lime Juice
  • Club Soda
  • Blue Agave Nectar
  • Fresh mint leaves
  • Fresh Lime

Take a good amount of mint leaves (at least 10) and add them to the bottom of your glass with the agave nectar, the lime juice, and a couple of wedges of lime. Muddle them all together well adding ice to the glass. Finally add the tequila and stir extremely well topping the glass off with the club soda and a lime with mint leaf garnish.

The result is an extremely crisp, well-balanced, and refreshing cocktail that looks classy and tastes great yet gets you going in a way that only tequila can. Plus, the blue agave nectar and mint give this cocktail an extremely fresh and engaging taste that is unmatched.

So just like Annie in Bridesmaids let your inner dumpster fire breath free and embrace the subtle dignity of accepting what you love while making it look as well put together as possible. Have fun, celebrate your life and the people in it, and enjoy every second.

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