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How To Grab More Attention For Your Brand In 2023

If you want your audience to listen to (and pay attention) your brand messaging, you need to create memorable communication that is relevant and useful to them. And, trust me –  that’s not an easy task to do.


Let’s take a look at our world of today – an average human being is bombarded with a thousand and one things at the same time trying to steal their attention. It is unbelievable seeing how people switch between different screen tabs scrolling several web pages, flipping in and out of several social media platforms in minutes. Bearing that in mind, the task of grabbing and sustaining your customer’s attention is, without a doubt, challenging. It requires assured ownership of a part of their mind. The mind of your customers is a battleground for brands and you must fight to stay relevant there.

Below are some strategies you can implement to effectively engage and retain your customers’ interest and create the right brand messaging that cuts through the excess noise and information overload in our overly marketed world.

Offer Easily-Digestible Content

Content snacking is used for engaging an increasingly distracted group of audience and it involves the creation of very simple content that is clear in its brand messaging and which perfectly relates to the audience reading it. Your content should be full of relevant nuggets that anyone will be willing to consume at once. These are contents that are written with clarity and brevity such that the reader can catch them at a glance. Another way of retaining simple content in the mind of your audience is by making it very short. For example, if it’s social media videos, make the clip around 40 seconds or less and make it mobile-friendly because most content readers and viewers use mobile.

Create Fine-tuned Logo And Improve Your Social Media Approach

In every brand on earth, there is an identity that is unique in terms of the logo, the color, and other elements that are associated with it. An online logo maker can help you design a great logo so that you are recognized and successful. Brand experts suggest creating a classy logo for your brand on this website or using any good ones you can find around. You should also note that brands with a handicapped social media presence have more than a 90 percent chance of failing compared to those with an active social media presence. A well-established social media presence requires diligence, but it is greatly rewarding. These rewards can be in the form of a massive following at first but this can transform into building a tribe which can result in tremendous sales in the long run.

Create A Positive Emotional Aura


The importance of emotion in marketing cannot be underestimated. In fact, if you remove emotion from marketing, nothing will be left. Companies with marketers that understand this concrete factor about marketing outperform those that don’t know anything about it. The consumer knows the number of brands out there but they are always attracted towards those that offer them a high positive emotion. Contents, especially visual content that elicits surprise and joy retain viewers more and create conversion.

Surprise Your Audience

Smart brands are using surprise packages to gain attention in their market. This entices the audience especially when the surprise answers a need. Meanwhile, even though surprises are great for your audience, especially if you want to gain attention and engagement, shocking them is a huge NO. You should keep in mind that there is a thin line between surprise and shock – so you need to be careful that you don’t cross the line.

Ensure You Target Active Viewers 

One of the worst marketing blunders that a brand can commit is showing its masterful content to an uninterested audience. The best is to target those that are interested in viewing it and are ready to share the content. This is the unpaid marketing duplication effect that makes adverts go viral. For your content to be worthy of sharing, it must be outstanding. Getting your content shared will help you to grab more attention.

Consumers in this age have limited attention, as a brand or a marketer who is interested in staying ahead of the competition, you must strive to make your content valuable for the audience to interact with. Your content must serve your consumer first, this is very important. If you focus your content on your brand instead of your consumer, you will experience difficulty retaining your audience or even attracting new prospects. Your content must be consumer-centric. After you must have done a good job of grabbing their attention and retaining them, do the smart job of converting that attention to sales and money in the bank.