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How To Choose The Right Vehicle Tracker

There are a few key things you should consider when buying a vehicle tracker that go beyond the purchase price. You need to carefully check the features offered and also subscriptions or fees that you may need to pay for ongoing protection.  After all, not all trackers are the same, as some are more suited to cars, others vans, caravans, motorbikes and even HGVs.

With that in mind, we offer advice on two main types of tracker and then further advise on which are most suited to the different vehicles we want them to protect.

S5/7 Trackers – these are generally high specification Thatcham approved trackers. Offering the highest levels of security, they are the type typically required by insurance companies for high value, high performance vehicles. 

Cat 5/6 Trackers – these trackers will allow drivers to accurately pinpoint their vehicles location. They offer remote vehicle immobilisation and are the only type to do so. They will automatically issue a Level 1 police response on activation. 

Trackers deter thieves and offer a greater recovery rate for stolen vehicles, meaning insurers are usually willing to reward customers with lower insurance premiums if the vehicle, plant equipment or caravan is fitted with an insurance approved tracker.

With a wide range of trackers on the market, it is certainly wise to do your homework before deciding on the exact model. Companies such as Fit My Tracker offer a nationwide specialist tracking advice and fitting service, so it would certainly pay to get in touch with tracker specialists before making your decision.

Car Trackers

There are many Thatcham approved trackers suitable for cars. Prices start around £2-300 and head upwards with some of the most comprehensive costing over £500. They also offer a range of subscription packages which are payable each year. If you take your vehicle abroad then it pays to look for models that have Stolen Vehicle Tracking (SVT), this offers you protection via Interpol ICPO assistance in over 100 countries. With discreet internal aerials they can be fitted quickly and efficiently to your car.

Van and Fleet Trackers

Van trackers are similar to car trackers in the protection they offer. They will protect your van and its contents, offering low level or battery disconnect alert calls and online account access to view your vehicle’s location. Options are available for single vans and fleets. 

Motorbike and Scooter Trackers

Motorbikes and two-wheeled vehicles have a higher chance than other vehicles of being stolen, so protecting them with a vehicle tracker will give you the peace of mind, that you will be able to monitor your vehicle’s whereabouts. With many systems offering regular vehicle location updates when your bike is stationary and more frequent when the vehicle is running, you can see updates easily via easy to use apps with the major brands offered. All trackers offer waterproof discreet fitting and many trackers available are 12/24 volt compatible. 


Fitting a tracker to your caravan will give you peace of mind that you will receive regular updates and can keep an eye on its location when you are not nearby. Perfect for offsite storage, you will have extra peace of mind that you can check regularly. Many insurance companies also price caravan insurance favourably if you have a caravan vehicle tracker fitted, as your vehicle will be monitored 24 hours a day. With many added features including movement sensor alerts, speaking with a tracker fitting specialist will ensure that you have the best tracker for your circumstances.

HGV, Lorry and Plant Trackers

Tracker technology really comes into its own for commercial vehicles. Going far beyond peace of mind, such trackers offer real-time tracking to maximize fleet efficiency and reduce costs as you are able to route vehicles effectively to their destination and monitor driver activity and performance.

Hopefully, we’ve now given you enough information to ensure you choose the right tracker for your needs.