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How Can You Help Your Kids Establish And Maintain Good Sleep Habits?

When you ask a parent what is the best moment of the day with their kids, they will tell you it’s when they watch them soundly asleep. Sleeping is as important as water and oxygen, your brain gets exhausted if the sleep pattern is not organized. Having good sleeping habits helps your kid to stay energetic and in a good mood the next morning.

Why is Having Good Sleep Habits Important?

Scientists always insisted on the importance of sleep, especially for kids. Studies proved that children who get a good night’s sleep will show fewer signs of depression, obesity, and distorted physical health.

Sleeping stimulates the secretion of the growth hormone, you can even notice that your little one has grown overnight and that’s not an exaggeration. Moreover, it boosts immunity, the better they sleep the better they fight off infections. Last but not least, your child’s attention span increases which, in turn, improves the learning ability and reduces the risk of suffering from concentration-related mental illnesses.

Establishing Good Sleep Habits

We all know how busy life is getting, but we should find time for our kids despite our hectic schedules. The first thing you should do is make them go to sleep early in order to benefit from the hormones secreted at night.

Limit Caffeine Before Bedtime

Parents wouldn’t knowingly give their kids a cup of coffee or tea. But we all know that caffeine can be in a lot of products, such as soda, chocolate, and even green tea. Watch your kid closely and don’t offer them chocolate for 2 hours before bedtime.

Instill a Night’s Routine

Children like to have constants in their lives, a basic routine between you and your children will help them feel safe and sleep better. Some kids like it when they listen to lullabies, while others prefer to be told a story even if they have heard it a million times before.

Don’t forget to make them brush their teeth and drink some warm milk!

Make the Room Comfortable

Knowing your child’s habits and preferences will help you while setting the bedroom for them before going to bed. Some kids prefer to sleep in complete darkness, others like it when there is a dim light in the room to help them fall asleep. If your kid likes soft music before bed to help them relax, then don’t deny them the comfort of music.

One factor that promotes better sleep is the furniture in the room. If your child is old enough to choose the bed’s design then so be it, but you should choose the mattress that would support your child. Can you imagine a mattress that grows with your child? It is hard to imagine that, but you don’t have to anymore. The flippable mattress, as seen at Saatva kids mattresses, is ideal and is specifically made for a child’s use as it lasts for much longer, and is also designed to support their small and growing bodies. Furthermore, choosing organic and eco-friendly materials will make your children cherish the environment.

Maintain Your Kids Established Good Sleep Habits

It’s one thing to establish healthy sleep habits, but another to keep them going and stop them from throwing tantrums when you try to get them to sleep.

Give Them Something to Do All Day

If your little one is lying around with nothing to do, they will nap or keep staring at a screen that messes with their sleeping patterns. It’s best that they get involved in any sport to release their energy instead of storing it until before bedtime.

Look Out for Sleep Disorders

Over the years, your child is at risk of developing a sleeping disorder like insomnia, sleep apnea or snoring. A deficiency of growth hormone can also affect sleep. Research Peptides has a great rundown on growth hormone and its effects on their site.

You will notice that your child is cranky, sad, or tired all day if this is becoming an issue in their lives, so don’t hesitate to contact a doctor if these signs showed up.

Make Them Feel Included

You have to maintain a facade in front of your kids that everyone is going to sleep at the same time. If your kids feel left out they will become stubborn and question why it’s good for them to sleep early but everyone else gets to watch more TV.

Support Them in The Newly Discovered Independence

At a certain age, when you order your kids around or tell them to go to bed, they will show resistance to establish control. In this phase, you should give them the illusion of control by letting them choose the cup they want, their toothbrush, or even some clothes.

By sticking to the pointers mentioned here, you’re going to go a long way in helping your children develop healthy sleeping habits that they will take with them all the way into adulthood. Make sure that you take every single factor into consideration, from the rituals that you carry out before bed, to the mattress that they sleep on, to the atmosphere that you create for them in their bedroom.