Case Cutlery’s Amber Bone Equestrian’s Knife

This knife from Case Cutlery is not your typical pocket knife.  This is not the Made in China knife you use for cheap work around the house cutting up rope for a arts and craft project.  This is a ranch man’s knife, a knife made with dual purposes of cutting and cleaning.  The attached hoof pick is perfect for getting the muck out of the hoof with ease, and the knife lets you go about the rest of the days work with no issues.  Even under pressure, the hoof pick (almost) felt stronger than the knife, which kept up with quite the beating in our test.  We even lost it for a little bit after a pile of wood was dumped onto it, and yet it came out unscathed.  The photo you see above was taken after we put it through the paces.  This is the Case Cutlery’s Amber Bone Equestrian’s knife.

The first thing I noticed when it arrived was the handle, made of amber bone, giving off a unique look that is unique to each knife.  Even with the natural handle, it does not slip easily out of my hands as the bone adds a bit of grip to it with the natural etchings.  Then came the weight.  The solid American steal packed into this smaller knife gives it an unassuming weight, and until you pick it up, you will not realize just how heavy it is.  But it is a comfortable weight, bringing confidence behind the blade and pick, showing the user it can be trusted under pressure.  Highlights of gold in the framing, mixed with the hard steel and bone, make this a knife to admire for sure.

Remember, this isn’t your typical pocket knife.

What I loved about this knife was the fact that when carrying it around in my pocket, I barley noticed it.  Even with its weight, it was not ungainly or uncomfortable, and even after a day’s work, could be displayed for others to admire.  The tools are a bit tight to pull out under pressure (good luck getting the knife out with gloves on), but at the same time I was not worried about a random bump jarring it open and stabbing me in the leg, so it is worth the trade off.

This is not your ordinary knife.  You won’t be needing this for around the shop or stowed away in the kitchen drawer with other random items.  This is a working man’s knife that belongs on the ranch.

This is the knife you will hand down to your grandchildren.  This will be their grandfather’s knife.

Almost as old as the Kentucky Derby itself, Case Cutlery is celebrating this year’s Run for the Roses with their hand-made Equestrian’s Knife. Case, makers of hand-crafted pocket knives for 125 years, was born along the Alleghany Mountain wagon trail where they learned a thing or two about a bent shoe. For more information, click here: