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Gown & Oars: Le Tour Watch

I’m still working on defining my style and like Clayton pointed out, it’s a process. What I do know about my style is I like things that can go from day to night seamlessly and thanks to Gown & Oars I now have a watch that does just that.

It was the Le Tour that initially caught my eye with its bright yellow band commemorating the Tour de France. However, a friend found the bright yellow band to be too much with my black jacket, but I didn’t mind that splash of color. The next night I easily swapped out the band for a blue and white striped one which, I do admit, made me feel classier than the bright yellow Le Tour band. The cool thing about Gown & Oars watches is that the different styles are dictated by the bands only.


From the casual nylon or rubber to the dressier leather or Milanese mesh bands they all feature the same 40mm dial. The dial features a white face with steel markers in five minute intervals and polished aluminum hands keeping the time. The whole face is housed in polished steel bezel with sapphire crystal glass protecting it.

No matter what look you choose the Gown & Oars watch will inevitably have a preppy look about it and rightfully so hailing from Cambridge, England. While that look may not be for everyone it has me feeling like a proper lad no matter where I am, day or night.