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How to Keep Your Style on Casual Friday

Looking and feeling your best can have an enormous impact on your confidence and the energy you exude at the office, but that doesn’t mean a full suit is the only option. The tradition of casual Friday has invaded offices all over the world, an you’ve got to come correct. If you want to embrace the ‘suited and booted but dressed-down’ look you see celebrities rocking on the red carpet but aren’t sure how to make the two styles merge, this will help you get started.

Change One Item

If you want to keep the formality of your suit but also show your own individuality for casual Friday or less formal work events, follow the ‘Change One Item’ mantra. Wear your usual suit but swap one element for something with an edgier vibe. This could be losing your tie, switching your black socks for brights, a button-down shirt for a crisp white t-shirt or your suit jacket for a tweed blazer. Remember – one item. Any more and it can look less like a fashion statement and more like you’ve lost your way.

Designer Edge

Keep your upmarket look by ensuring the item you swap in is high-end. This will send the message to your colleagues and clients that you are serious. Statement items such as Alexander McQueen trainers will not only add comfort but also signal your knowledge of style and fashion to everyone you meet. This season there are Alexander McQueen trainers that demand attention as well as more understated styles. For a classic look, mix and match between designers such as Versace, Gucci, and Armani.


Accessories are a key part of any outfit, with ties and watches putting the finishing touch on many looks. If you want to bring a more relaxed feel to your usual formal attire, accessorising is one way you can do this. Bold colours and patterns can draw the eye and are an ideal way to bring your own flair to a look without going overboard. Smatterings of colour and pattern on socks, pocket handkerchiefs and ties are an effortless way to make a statement and keep your style or go for a more relaxed look with leather wristbands, chunky sports watches or fashion glasses or sunglasses with eye-catching frames. Clark Kent geek-chic is very on-trend so try a variety of frames to find a size and shape that suit your face and style.

Embrace Your Relaxed Look

If you want to fully embrace dressing down, go all-in by wearing your casual wear to the office. This may be dependent on your schedule and any meetings you have, but you can still be taken seriously in clean, stylish, well-cut clothing even if you’re not in a suit. Hold your head high, give your firmest handshake and radiate confidence and everyone you meet will be charmed.

However, if you decide you don’t want to do casual Friday, remember it’s optional rather than mandatory. If your style is a more formal look, stay in your usual suit. Feeling confident in your clothes is more important than taking part in an office trend.