Glass Calendar Apothecary — Scents for Rugged Men

I am not a huge fan of cologne or men’s grooming products in general, I am far too minimalistic for most of it. This is why I find it sort of strange that I find myself writing about a line of artisanal microbatch fragrances and beard oils, but this line is something I can see myself using everyday. I do not gravitate to the ‘sophisticated’ scents of most mass produced beard oils, aftershaves, and scents because they tend to be way too overbearing and do not match my personality and persona at all. This all changed I received Glass Calendar Apothecary’s new microbatch line of men’s care products. The owner Tim Coons explains the ethos of the line better than I ever could and why men like me gravitate away from mass produced scents: “It was like I was looking for a flannel shirt and was handed a polo with a popped collar. I realized I don’t want to smell like an expensive night of clubbing. I want to smell like the era of my grandfather. “


Glass Calendar Apothecary prides itself in handcrafting microbatch colognes, aftershaves, and beard oil for rugged men who turn away from the frills of modern society. Their spring of 1919 beard oil is my favorite product by far: the scent is masculine and subtle with notes almond and cedar, leaving my beard full of life, soft, and manageable yet not oily or waxy. The Summer of 1919 Cologne invokes long and hot summer days full of outdoor activities, Rosemary is noticeable on the front end and the hard liquor and lemony base gives it a rugged and uncouth demeanor that is unlike any other scent I have tried. After cleaning up and trimming my beard I applied Morningstar aftershave; my pores immediately became less noticeable as my skin felt hydrated yet not greasy, masculine scents such as clove, cedar, and coriander dominated the aroma but did not overwhelm or overpower.

Glass Calendar Apothecary is one of those amazing small businesses that produces great 100% natural handmade products at fair prices that any rugged style-forward man should add to his medicine cabinet. Embrace your masculinity and harken back to the days where things were more simple, pure, and straightforward. Right now Glass Calendar Apothecary is offering 20% off any order on their ETSY store to FactoryTwoFour readers, just use the coupon code factorytwofour.