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Sex toys to help bring back the fun in the bedroom

Perhaps you’re experiencing a sexual rut with your partner. That is, you are at the point where sex is no longer fun like it used to be despite trying out new positions – missionary, cowgirl, doggy, etc. Most times, this feeling occurs when couples have been together for a long time and repeat the same positions in the bedroom. Sex toys are therefore a nice idea to bring back the fun in your bedroom. 

Common toys that are fun for the bedroom

The cock ring

A cock ring is intended to make the male partner’s erection harder and firmer. It is also nice for the female partner because it makes her feel more of his penis.

Now, there are also cock ring sex toys with a vibrating part on the market. This way, the female partner’s clitoris can also be stimulated during sex. So this is highly recommended.

At this same time, the vibration also feels pleasant for the male partner.

A remote-controlled(vibrating) egg

A remote-controlled egg is especially fun as a game where the male partner takes the dominant role.

The vibrating egg is particularly recommended to increase excitement and promote bonding as a couple.

This remote-controlled sex toy slips into the vagina and can be controlled remotely. A perfect toy therefore to have fun for two by giving control to your partner.

The male partner gets the remote control and will stimulate the female partner.

It can be used both indoors (in the bedroom) and even outdoors. You can keep it pretty innocent and use it only in the bedroom or take out secretly in public. As with all sex toys, creativity will only make the experience better.

A sex pillow

Have you ever experienced that the position you wanted to do so badly didn’t work out with your partner? This is where a sex pillow can come in handy. For example, do you want support while having sex standing up? Or do you want a pillow that you can place under your buttocks during missionary so that it touches your G-spot?

Or do you want an entire bed that you can perfectly shape to how you want it, depending on the sex position you want to use? Whatever you want, there’s a sex pillow for it.

A standard vibrator

What can you do with a small, standard vibrator in the bedroom?

  • During sex, the female partner can stimulate her clitoris with it.
  • The male partner can put the vibrator on his partner’s clitoris at times when he can’t reach it himself.
  • While the make partner licks his partner, he can also use the vibrator.
  • The male partner can optionally use the vibrator to stimulate his partner’s anal.

An SM scarf or wrist ties

An “SM scarf” doesn’t sound very cozy. But what it is, is a special scarf that you can easily tie your partner with.

Because the scarf has been specially developed for this purpose, it works a lot better than your scarf or tea towel.

And because it’s fabric, it feels a lot softer than the old-fashioned handcuffs.

You can also buy wrist ties (wrist straps). These are a bit firmer and therefore give a slightly spicier feeling.

A wand vibrator

This is perfect for de-stressing after having a long day at work. Both partners can mutually relax by indulging in massages on their erogenous zones with this toy. The use of a wand vibrator quickly leads to ultimate pleasure in the bedroom.

For couples who do not yet know what they are looking for, but want to try something, there are starter boxes available on the market. It contains various toys and other gadgets that you can test to discover together what you like.

As you can see, there are plenty of sex toys options to give your sex life an extra boost! Experiment together, discuss what you like, go shopping together, and enjoy in your bedroom!