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Get on the Fast Track with These Top Car-Themed Slots in 2024

“Hi there, gearheads and speed demons! The best-kept secret in the online casino industry is the thrilling world of car-themed slots, so let’s crank it up to 11 and dive right in. Now, you may be asking yourself, “slots? really?” But I assure you, this isn’t your grandmother’s penny slots. We’re talking about thrilling, full-throttle gaming experiences that will give you the impression that you’re racing at full speed while lounging in your living room. In 2024, these games have taken a quantum leap, bringing together the thrill of the race and the rush of hitting the jackpot. So, buckle up and get ready as we take a turbo-charged tour through the top car-themed online slots of 2024, where every spin is a new adventure. From stunning graphics that’ll make your eyes pop to the roaring sound effects that’ll give you goosebumps, we’re about to embark on a wild ride. And who knows? You might just hit the jackpot along the way!”

Drive: Multiplier Mayhem

If you prefer fast-paced slots, then get ready for the ride of a lifetime as you spin the wheels and reels of this fantastic new Netent car-racing slot game, which has a top reward of 750,000 coins.

Assuming the character of Jette, a seductive driver with pink hair, you will enjoy nothing more than putting on her form-fitting black and pink leather trousers and pressing the Nitro button to compete against Twitch, Hamaki and Bruiser, three of her male rivals.

With each spin of the five reels and fifteen paylines, Jette fires up her engine as you search for amazing Multiplier Wilds and Scattered Race Starters, filling the race-triggering Nitro Collect Metre along the way. The game is set against a backdrop of brilliant city lights. You will probably like the fast-paced action of the Fast and the Furious movie franchise or the Need for Speed gaming series if you play the Drive slots by Netent.

Playing Drive Multiplier Mayhem will always be an exciting experience because all wilds have the ability to multiply your winnings. The digital number flashes and the wilds transform into speedometers to show you how much you’ve won. Nevertheless, these wilds double as reward multipliers, with the multiplier equal to the number of reels (1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 times). The truly amazing news is that if there are multiple wild symbols in any reward line, the wilds additionally multiply each other. If you use it to hit a game symbol on reels 1 and 4 wild multipliers, your prize will be multiplied by an incredible 120 times when it crosses the finish line! 

On reels 2, 3, and 4 of the main game, you can spin in three scattered race starters to start 10 free spins during which you can win all of the prizes available in the main game. You can also become acquainted with Twitch, Hamaki, Bruiser, Jette, and your extremely hot automobile with pink wheels and pink trims. These pay out top rewards of between 60x and 150x your line-bet. These include up to 5x and 30x your line-bet for lining-up 3 to 5 poker symbols.

However, here is also where the Nitro really gets going. When you land Nitro symbols on reels 2, 3, and 4, you will trigger more Free Spins and Multiplier Wilds, which will advance you to the next level when you will race against Hamaki. Initially, you will race against Twitch during your Free Spins Bonus. In order to determine who is the quickest driver on the globe for all time, you must race against Bruiser in the final level after collecting three more Nitro Symbols.

This fantastic slots machine also features transparent reels and state-of-the-art graphics. Players of all stripes will appreciate the lowest and maximum spin bets available in the game. To fit your style, simply combine 15 lines with 1 to 10 bet levels and coin values between 0.02 and 0.5.

Highway Kings

Highway Kings is the name of a 5-reel video slots machine from the Playtech game suite, although sounding more like a road movie from the 1980s starring Patrick Swayze. Highway Kings is a great place to start if you’re ready to hit the road and earn some cash playing the pokies, as you may win up to 10,000 credits. The straightforward cartoonish graphics of the casino game with a road motif are striking, but the absence of playing card icons is novel. Additionally, keep an eye out for scatter and wild symbols, which have the potential to significantly increase your winnings.

There’s quite a retro feel about Highway Kings. The graphics are bright and colourful, but the symbols look like they were sketched in thirty seconds by a bored artist. All symbols stick closely to the theme, in that they are in some way associated with driving. Actually, there’s one exception – a pair of red dice – but thankfully there are no Aces, Kings or Queens.

At the top of the screen, the Highway Kings logo is shown in yellow type, surrounded by enormous vehicles. In this game, trucks are the primary emblems of riches, but you can still earn a sizable sum by matching other symbols. Except for the scatter, which pays any, all wins are paid out left to right as usual. 97.06% is the theoretical return to player.

Regarding betting, the coin size ranges from 0.01 to 5, with a maximum bet of 45 per spin. As you can see, there are nine paylines that are not fixed. You can click Bet One to activate a single payline or keep clicking to activate all nine. Additionally, you can verify the pay values connected with combinations of three, four, and five matching symbols by clicking into the Paytable located at the bottom of the screen.

Highways Kings has eleven symbols, each of which denotes a distinct pay value. A steering wheel, a tyre, a bolt, two dice, a petrol pump, a can of petrol, a jump lead and three trucks—one green, one yellow and one red—are among the icons. Highway Kings has some symbols that pay out for combinations of three or more, however the higher-paying icons only pay out for two matching. The red truck, which is the most giving symbol on the board, will even pay two credits for a single symbol on the reels.  Overall, the pay scale is quite generous. The lowest-value icons in the game are the tyres and steering wheel, which pay out just 10 for four and 50 for five. After that, the amounts rise significantly. The three trucks are at the top of the scale. For instance, the green truck pays five for two, twenty for three, one hundred and fifty for four, and one thousand for five. With five for two, 25 for three, 250 for four, and 5,000 for five, the yellow truck is even more appealing. The red truck, however, pays two for one, ten for two, fifty for three, five hundred for four, and an incredible ten thousand for five. Not even the yellow truck can match that.

The wild red truck can help you create pay wins by substituting for any symbol. In addition, the wild multiplies wins in any combination it contributes to, but not cumulatively. In other words, even with two wild symbols, the win is still multiplied by two instead of four. Only the central three reels display the red truck icon.

As you may have guessed, the exhaust pipe with the word “Scatter” printed on it is the scatter in the game. You’ll be rewarded when you manage to land two, three, or five of these icons. The scatters do not need to follow a predetermined payline; they only need to fall in a straight line, beginning on the left or rightmost reel.

You select five numbers from 49 in a progressive side game similar to a lotto on Highway Kings. Five numbers will be picked at random once you launch the main game. You win more when more numbers fit your choices. You win the jackpot if all five numbers are the same. Click Enable in the upper right corner to begin playing the game.

Good to Go

Good to Go Prepare for a thrilling game that is modelled after the thrilling world of Formula 1 racing by starting your engines.

Microgaming created the video slots Good To Go, which is packed with more adrenaline than you can possibly think. You have just discovered the ideal game if you enjoy fast automobiles and competitive gaming. And we’re here to provide you with a comprehensive introduction to the game mechanics so you can maximise your chances of winning and crossing the finish line first.

The main feature of Good To Go is its emphasis on the reels, which take up nearly the whole game screen. Each reel features large, squares symbols that are prominently displayed.

The command bar at the bottom of the game screen takes up the remaining space, with the reels framed in red and blue. As a result, the reel symbol itself contains nearly all of the game’s graphic information.

Players that choose this artistic approach feel as though they are caught up in a fast-paced race and have little time to think about anything but what is in front of them. However, some people may find the lack of background information to be a bit disappointing.

Thanks to its basic gameplay, which we will go over in more detail in this section, Good To Go makes it possible for everyone to pilot a Formula 1 car. Three icons appear on each of the game’s five reels. A winning combination must land on activated paylines in order to be counted and result in a cash award. You may wager on up to nine paylines. Spend some time navigating the command bar beneath the reel and modifying the bet parameters to suit your preferred approach. You can double your cash award by playing a card guessing game after every win. Make an incorrect estimate and it will all go, so be very careful.

The autospin button is the choice you choose if you would rather to focus on the action and let the reels spin for a short while on their own. The wager max button allows you to go all in on all paylines for your next spin.

Compared to other slots available, Good To Go’s paytable has a notably higher number of basic symbols—13, to be exact.

Nonetheless, the majority of them are traditional card symbols, ranging from the number 7 to the Ace. These emblems are by far the most prevalent in the game, and they also come with the smallest payouts. Here, try to prioritise quantity over quality. Make as many combos as you can to increase your chances of winning large sums of money.

The remaining menu items include a racing car, a wheel, a protective helmet, a sign with the number 626, and a chequered finish flag. The maximum payouts these symbols can produce are up to 2500 times your initial bet. It goes without saying that you do not want to pass up this substantial financial gain.

If players truly want to win the race and nobody will hold them back, Good To Go still has a few more exclusive features in store for them.

The wild card in the game is the finish line girl. She has the ability to substitute any of the previously mentioned symbols, giving you an additional opportunity to simultaneously score a few more winning combos. In addition, wild combos have the potential to pay out prizes up to 5000 times your initial wager.

Finally, as the speed-o-meter symbol is a scatter, it pays in any place along the reels by definition. In addition, three free spins are awarded for scatter winnings. During these spins, the scatter symbols remain in place, giving you another opportunity to trigger the feature.

Even though Good To Go’s reel symbol selection isn’t the most inventive, playing the game is still enjoyable and rewarding. Even the most basic cash prizes are rather respectable.

Thus, there’s no reason to think twice—just start the engine and blow away all of your rivals.

Monster Wheels

Bigger is better when it comes to wheels. The monster truck camp, a collection of truckers known for their passion for 4x4s with wheels the size of a small family house, seems to be spreading that word, at least. These awkward yet fun sounds are typically heard at auto shows and racetracks, but now that a Microgaming slots machine devoted to their shenanigans has been released, you may find them at an online casino near you. Its moniker, Monster Wheels, accurately describes what it offers: a feast of intense motion. You’re mistaken, though, if you believe that the Monster moniker refers to wheel size. When we talk about microgaming, we mean real monsters—that is, spectral creatures who are renowned for terrifying anyone who comes into contact with them. A green space alien, a female devil, and a sullen-looking vampire are all present. Microgaming’s Monster Wheels game is reminiscent of both the beloved Monsters Inc movie and Wacky Races, if the latter were blended with a gothic horror theme. Ghouls of all shapes and sizes may be found on the reels of this incredibly entertaining slot machine, from mummies to she-devils.

Playing a 288 ways slots has the advantage that matching symbols can pay out left to right, diagonally, and in pretty much any other direction you can think of, making it theoretically simpler to produce minor wins in the base game. Press the vivid red “Switch Ways” button to make any necessary changes.

The free Monster Wheels slot machine has an autoplay button, but you should play manually at first to fully enjoy the sound and graphics because this is an exciting game with clever animations and cool sound effects. The range of bets is 0.15 to 30.00.

A game called Monster Wheels blurs the lines between two genres: horror and motor racing. It’s a monster mash-up that works surprisingly well, but Mario Kart has shown us that most themes and character sets function best when placed in motorcars. The artwork is impressive despite the comedic nature of the terror, and every symbol—from the vampire to the devil—has a distinct personality and eccentricities. As one might imagine, Monster Wheels is a mobile game that functions flawlessly on touchscreen devices, including iPhones and Androids.

The game shows well on smaller screens and has really fluid animations because it is free of clutter and has a very well-cut backdrop. The variety of free spin bonuses that are accessible to you in this game is one of its interesting features. When scatters help you trigger free spins, you’ll have to make a difficult choice. Three bonus spins with an 8x multiplier, six bonus spins with a 4x multiplier, or twelve bonus spins with a 2x multiplier—which would you choose? Keep an eye out for the petrol can symbol to land during the bonus round. If it does, you’ll receive an additional round of free spins. The logo of the game acts as a wild symbol and can replace any other sign.

If you’ve liked playing Monster Wheels, you ought to give Boogie Monsters a try. This Microgaming slot machine features 128–188 chances to win in addition to some larger-than-life, gory, bug-eyed figures. The RTP for this medium variance game is 95.7%. But if all you’re searching for is another slots with a motor racing theme, Microgaming’s 5 Reel Drive is a good option. This one has minimal volatility and only nine paylines. Lastly, Light Racers from Quickspin is definitely worth checking out. This game, which has 50 paylines, can award up to 10 times the multiplier and 8 free spins.

Microgaming’s Monster Wheels is a fantastic game. This game does a wonderful job of combining two genres together. A broad variety of gamblers, including low limit players looking to have some fun, will no doubt find it appealing. One feature that makes this game stand out from the plethora of other motor racing slots it competes with is its unusual reel structure. It’s difficult to locate another slot machine that employs the same set of reels as Monster Wheels, so for that reason alone, it’s definitely worth checking out.