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Practical Reasons to Hire a Land Surveyor

Whether you want to buy new property or understand the legal description of the existing one, you will need to hire a professional land surveyor to take the measurements of your land. Using specific tools, land surveyors can determine the exact boundaries of your property, so you will know the area that belongs to you. Plus, if some of your property contains structures that belong to utility companies or are public property, you will also know who can use your assets and for what purpose. Besides these, there are several more practical reasons to hire a professional land surveyor, and here are some of them.

Determining Boundary Lines

By determining the boundary lines of your land, you will learn its measurements, including the exact position of each corner, the lines where these connect, and other crucial information. Often neither you nor your neighbor knows correctly where the boundary lies between your property. Because of this, you would both have a chance of building a fence or any other structure on the other’s property. Wrongful property expansion is a common dispute between neighbors, so if you want to avoid this situation, it’s a good idea to take the exact measurements of your land before you start building anything on it.

Surveying Existing Changes

While it’s recommended to ascertain that all changes you make are legal before the alterations are done, you can still do this after the modification is completed. Or, in case you purchased a property where the structural changes haven’t been surveyed yet, this is something you will absolutely have to do. The most common mistakes happen by disregarding restrictions concerning the height and dimension of the object or the fact that it obstructs someone else’s parking area. By having your land surveyed, these can be determined and you won’t be modifying someone else’s property by error. If something isn’t done by the law, the land surveyor can help you figure out the changes you need to make to fix the mistake.

Changing Zoning Classifications

If you want to modify the purpose of your property from residential to industrial use, you will probably have to change its zoning classification. Different zoning classifications mean different legal restrictions, and a land survey will help you determine the zoning classification your property is currently placed under. Dealing with zoning permissions in Canada can be a little overwhelming, as you might need several different types of surveying services to obtain one. Calgary area professional land surveyors at understand the need for determining the exact boundaries of your property. They can also inform you about the different types of surveying services that exist, which can help you ascertain the exact type of service you need.

Taking Underground Surveys

Knowing what’s under your property can be helpful for two reasons. For one, an underground survey can uncover underground wetlands or tree roots that may endanger the base structure of your property in the future. It’s always better to learn about these problems ahead of time, so you can resolve them before your property is damaged. The second purpose of an underground survey is to get the report of all the utility cables, wires, and pipes that run under your land. These structures usually belong to the company that maintains them. This means that if they need to be repaired or changed, the company will have the right to use part of your property. Plus, if you decide to do a significant construction, you will need to know where these structures lie, so you wouldn’t damage them accidentally.

Determining Joint Properties

You and your neighbor might own joint property without both of you even realizing. This is important to determine because, in some cases, you might be responsible for maintaining their part of the same property, along with yours. For example, if you two share a wall, fence, or a driveway, you will both be responsible for maintaining it in good condition, and if you fail to do it, you may face paying penalties. Additionally, if the only way for your neighbor to gain access to a road is through your property, they will have the right to pass through your land freely.

As you can see, knowing the boundaries of your property can be useful in more ways than one. It can help you out if you want to make some alterations or settle an eventual dispute with a neighbor. In fact, when doing major renovations or removing some of the elements of your property, you will be legally required to have your land surveyed. In these cases, if you aren’t sure if this procedure is needed, it’s recommended to consult your legal advisor and ask their advice on the subject.